Thursday, May 8, 2014

Font Fix Thursday May 8th, 2014

Are you ready for a Font Fix?  Connie has some more great finds for me to share with you today but before we get to the fonts, here’s another look at the current sales Connie has finishing up today.


Connie’s two NSD Grab Bags will be separated out into individual packs after today!


Gotta Pixel -
Ginger Scraps -
Scrapbook Bytes -


Gotta Pixel -
Ginger Scraps -
Scrapbook Bytes -

I love this Collab Kit by Connie and Seatrout Scraps! 



I think I would like to mix these doodled fonts together to make a special title block for a layout.  They remind me of the different ways I would write on the back of my book covers in High School.  My teenage daughter doesn’t have book covers to decorate but I’ve seen some of her notebooks covered the same way.  How do you see yourself using these fonts?

A simple Google search will give you immediate results to many different free font sites to download the fonts that we list each week. We will provide you with one offsite source where the font is available for download.

*Please note that we do not have any affiliation with the sites linked to below and you will be downloading the content at your own risk. Be sure to have your virus protection up to date before you download from any outside source.

PW Perspective -
Rebel Beat -
Lakesight -
Walker On The Moon -

I made today’s freebie with Dancing Daisies.  Try resizing the cluster a little smaller to fit just a portion of your page or use it as is to cover more of your page.  I hope you enjoy using it either way to jump start a layout.


Download Here


Tupperstamper said...

The link to "Walker on the Moon" doesn't take you to that font.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! - Kat

Susan said...

Tupperstamper, I'll let Connie know and see if we can locate that font. I think I may have found it but I want to make sure it's the same one that Connie displayed.

Thanks for letting us know!

Pam K said...

Thank you for the cluster!

Susan said...

Here's a good link for "Walker On the Moon" font: