Sunday, April 13, 2014

We're going on an Egg Hunt!

Can you believe that Easter is almost here??  Boy this month has flown.  Hope you all have filed those income tax returns!! Let's start with the key to last week's challenge!

I don't recall any of the participants finding my little paint splatter on the wall.  That was really just too clever.  It looked like it belonged there!  I did get a few responses for things that were not elements though.  That was interesting.  I don't know about you, but I sure this little challenge.

I mailed out the coupons to those who played. IF you did not get yours, please let me know right away. Someone is using a Spam Filter from Multisymmetric.  I did the thing to prove I am human.. but heck. I have no idea what generated that email... other than the subject line was Lady and the Tramp.  Speaking of coupons -  you all answered the kits correctly and found the minimum number of elements.. so everyone was in the drawing! YAY!!  But only one can win and that is Lisa (no last name for privacy sake).  The two kits I used were Ready for Spring and Project 2014 April: Family Life.

I also included in your emails a download link for a little gift.   You can't download this gift from the blog.   However, if you didn't play last week.. and you really want this.. drop me a note at coyotelady (at) gmail (dot) com.  We'll work something out. Some sort of puzzle.. or layout.  

This week, we are going on an egg hunt!!   Here is your layout with the hidden eggs. Click on the image if you would like to receive a FULL SIZE of the jpg.  I uploaded one to my DropBox.

You have a choice.  You can find me at least 20 of the hidden eggs.  Alternatively, if you find ONE of the two golden eggs I hid..  you're golden - so to speak!!    Those golden eggs aren't easy though.  And after blending and opacity changes, you may not think it is golden.. but they started out that way.. quite lovely actually.  Before going into the layout, they looked like this! Aren't they lovely?

And no geese were harmed in the making of these eggs!    So there you have it!! Find me ONE of the golden eggs.. and you're in the random drawing for the $10 coupon!!  Find me 20 eggs, and you are in the drawing, too!  Play along - you'll get a $1 coupon.  Please submit your entries by Friday, April 18th at 9:00 PM Eastern.   

So.. who is the next Princess for the Princess Frame series?   Leave me a comment!   Until next week.. happy hunting!


Julie P. (babyofmine) said...

So... do I email my copy of the picture, or something? this is my first time joining a game here on this blog.

Laramie Coyote said...

Yes, Julie! Email me the jpg with your eggs circled! The email is coyotelady(at)gmail(dot)com.