Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Take $2 Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Last month I was given a $2 bill as part of my change.  I hadn’t seen one of those in years and to be honest I didn’t know they still printed them.  This particular one had not been in circulation because it was still in it’s crisp, flat, unmarked form.  It still sits in my purse unused as of yet because for some reason I just can’t seem to take it upon myself to spend this rarity!  Though if I was going to spend it today would be a great day to do that.  Why?  Because for that $2 I can pick up either one of these wonderful kits from Connie in the Take $2 Tuesday Sale!


I already have Road Warrior in my stash.  I snagged it when it first came out earlier this year with the knowledge that the time of teaching my oldest daughter to drive is looming on the horizon and this kit will be absolutely perfect!  Also because I had just gotten a new van and knew this kit would be the one I wanted to scrap that memory with.  Unfortunately, life has intervened and that layout is still in it’s infant stages waiting to be completed.  Might be a good idea for me to go take a photo of my van, even though it’s been 3 months since I got it.  Yeah, that’s gonna have to wait until it gets a bath later this week.

Swim On is making me long for the next couple of months to make their way peacefully onward so we can get into the summer fun of the splash park and the swimming pools.  I think my youngest has big plans for the same.  She’s been talking about going swimming every day for the last week.  It has to warm up quite a bit before I’m read to shake and shiver during the first couple of times to the pool.

If you don’t have either of these kits swing by one of the following places and pick it up today for only $2!

Gotta Pixel
Swim On - bit.ly/1lKrPpX
Road Warrior - bit.ly/1g2ec1s
Ginger Scraps
Swim On - bit.ly/1hguvNC
Road Warrior - bit.ly/1jc2rrw
Swim On - bit.ly/1gA0OCl
Road Warrior - bit.ly/1iSXlRw
My Memories
Swim On - bit.ly/1gA17go
Road Warrior - bit.ly/1jc39oG

You still have a few days to pick up your favorite packs of the “Arteest At Work” Collection and save 40% off!  Create your next masterpiece with this cheerful collection!


Gotta Pixel - bit.ly/1gK2lsr
Ginger Scraps - bit.ly/1mDlD3k
Scrapbook Bytes - bit.ly/1kuUoXb

That brings me to the end of today’s news from Connie.  I used Easter Fun to create this stacked paper freebie for you.  I hope you enjoy using it to jump start a layout!




Anonymous said...

Thank you!! - Kat

Pam K said...

I love the bright colors of this collection - thank you for sharing the QP!