Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Take $2 Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

It’s Tuesday, and that means that Connie has placed two of her marvelous kits in the Take $2 Tuesday Sale!  (She’s also placed all the addon packs on sale for $1 each!)  Ready to see what sparkles today?


Gotta Pixel
Let Freedom Ring - bit.ly/LXCDUq
Goofy Golf - bit.ly/1eSA7Mi
Ginger Scraps
Let Freedom Ring - bit.ly/1g1XaAB
Goofy Golf - bit.ly/1oqoD5d
Let Freedom Ring - bit.ly/1eSAiHc
Goofy Golf - bit.ly/1kF0Jm1
My Memories
Let Freedom Ring - bit.ly/1jC5qwV
Goofy Golf - bit.ly/1g1Xyzc

There’s still a few days left to pick up Project 2014:April as a Mega Stash!  For less than $8.00 you can get 8 packs and then there are 8 addon packs for 40% off as well!


Ginger Scraps - bit.ly/1qYNHS7
Gotta Pixel - bit.ly/1gJLUvu
Scrapbook Bytes - bit.ly/NwKCsh

Gotta Pixel is having a blog hop from March 24 - March 31! Be sure to stop by each location to download the Small Wonders kit!

This is the full kit that you will be downloading:

This is Connie's contribution and download (If you picked it up yesterday this is the same part, we’re just making it easy for everyone to pick it up instead of having to search through posts).



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I apologize for not having a freebie ready on Saturday.  I’ve fallen behind on making freebies and then I was having some connection issues while trying to upload freebies from the team.  It looks like everything is back up and running and today I have the final and fourth brag book page using Hop To It by Deanna.  She really made some adorable brag book pages!  I hope you all have a wonderful day and I’ll see you back here on Thursday!




Mags said...

VERY cute! Thanks so much for your part of this blog hop!
:) Mags / MagsGraphics

Anonymous said...

Thank you! - Kat

Unknown said...

This is hopping cute. It is a fab QP, Thank you very much for sharing. -Msrie