Thursday, March 27, 2014

Font Fix Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Can you believe we are on the downhill slide side of the week already? Not only that but we are nearing the end of March already which caught me by surprise.  I thought I had a whole week left until April!  Good thing Connie stays on top of things. She’s so on top of things that tomorrow is the release of the April 2014 Grab Bag!  It’s super adorable!  I have a sneak at some of the cute things you’ll find in the Grab Bag but check in tomorrow for a look at the add on packs.  Of course Connie rocks so you get a full reveal of the Grab Bag in the store.  I have found that her Grab Bags are wonderful stash builders.


While she’s adding some new things to her stores it’s time to say good-bye to some of her older products.  You have a few days to snag these before they are gone forever.  I just picked up a few of the templates at a great price.  I can’t believe that I didn’t already have them in my stash!


Gotta Pixel -
Ginger Scraps -
Scrapbook Bytes -

Speaking of building your stash, have you picked up the latest addition to Project 2014?  I had time to work with this collection today and it’s wonderful!  Be sure to check out today’s freebie because I used this collection!


Ginger Scraps -
Gotta Pixel -
Scrapbook Bytes -

Connie must have been reading lately or at least that’s what today’s Font Fix picks remind me of, gorgeous book cover titles.  I love looking at different book covers and seeing the varied fonts used to capture the intended audience’s attention.  Each of these fonts would make a great title for fantasy or paranormal genre books.  I think I may have to use these and scrap a page about my obsession with books (especially those genres).  Which one of this week’s Font Fix Fonts is your new favorite? 

A simple Google search will give you immediate results to many different free font sites to download the fonts that we list each week. We will provide you with one offsite source where the font is available for download.

*Please note that we do not have any affiliation with the sites linked to below and you will be downloading the content at your own risk. Be sure to have your virus protection up to date before you download from any outside source.


Across The Road -
Wolf In The City -
Dragon Is Coming -
Signarita Zhai -

Gotta Pixel is having a blog hop from March 24 - March 31! Be sure to stop by each location to download the Small Wonders kit!

This is the full kit that you will be downloading:


This is Connie's contribution and download: (NOTE: This is the same download as previous days.  We are just providing it in each post through March 31st to make it easy for those who have just stopped by the blog.)



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That brings me to the end of today’s post but here is the freebie I mentioned above using Project 2014: April.  I hope you like it!  Have a wonderful Thursday and I’ll see you back here tomorrow!




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