Sunday, March 16, 2014

Festival of Fantasy Parade and Hidden Mickeys challenge

Presenting the debut of the Festival of Fantasy Parade at Disney World's Magic Kingdom!!

Isn't Maleficent just fantastic looking? She has a real steampunk look.  And you have to love that she breathes fire!  The floats are fantastic!  Several of them are multiple stories in height!  Better than the prototypes I saw on the web.

The first float is The Beast and Belle  (Be still my beating heart!) with a couple rotating sections. Cinderella and Prince Charming follows. The next rotating segment is Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen one one side. Look quick and you'll see Elsa, Anna and Olaf from Frozen on the other half.

I am betting that Elsa and Anna are permanent fixtures down in Disney World since they worked them into the parade.   There has been quite a bit of conjecture about this.  I think this is a case where public support wins!

You have to love the Mime leading Rapunzel's float.  She is even carrying that cast iron frying pan! Ariel's float is awesome! Sebastian is holding the reigns.  And a couple of walking seahorses follow. The new costumes are just ever so special!  Lost Boys lead the way for Peter Pan and Wendy.  The cannons on the pirate ship actually fire! Hook is there and Tink. Smee is walking behind closely followed by the Alligator, at least two stories high!  (No wonder Hook is frightened of that Alligator!)

I could go on but you really should watch the parade for yourself!  There are multiple videos of the parade, many in the entirety. After you watch this one, select another for some different views.  Just know that Disney has done a fantastic job with the new floats, working in the newer characters and still keeping our older favorites.

Last week I promised another Hidden Mickey challenge AND a freebie.   I actually incorporated the freebie into my layout you'll be working with this week.  Please note that I extracted Rapunzel from one of our photos and same with her autograph.  (You may recall that I wrote previously about extracting the signatures from your autographs and placing them on to your layouts.)

I have hidden 19 Mickeys this time.  One of them is a very special one. It is actually a Mickey Head Rice Krispie treat dipped in chocolate.  You can grab these at the treat shoppes in Disney and are they ever tasty!!   It looks like this:

This is a REQUIRED find this time!  I would like for you to find me a total of 10 Hidden Mickeys PLUS this Mickey Treat in order to be eligible for the random drawing.  Connie is graciously providing a $10 coupon to her store for the winner of the drawing, and as usual.. all participants will receive a $1 coupon for playing along with me.  I'm uploading a full size version of the layout.

We recently watched Tangled and I was amazed at how similar Rapunzel's Tower at Disney World resembled the one in the movie!  This is actually a "themed" rest area.  And for those of us who can't live without our various devices! Disney calls it a D-Zone.  There are 6 charging stations with two electrical outlets.  USB outlets are expected to be added in the future.   This all ties in with Disney's increasing emphasis on their "My Disney Experience".  You can read more about the Tangled themed Rest Area here.   Chrissy had grand fun searching for Pascals. Sorry. I was sidetracked.. on with the challenge download!

Feel free to download the file, magnify it and look for those Mickeys!   Send me your entry with the circled Mickeys to coyotelady (at)  Please have your entries emailed to me by March 21st at 8 PM EST.  The lovely young lady in the photo hugging Rapunzel is my Chrissy.  I'm sure most of you have heard me talk about her at some time or another.  She raided my closet for some select Disney shirts before her last trip. She's wearing my beloved Marie shirt here.  Too bad you can't see Marie!  Such an adorable kitty.

Now for the freebie.  I killed two birds with one stone!  You will be receiving the cluster I included on this layout!! Two versions. One with the autograph, one without. I did not apply a shadow on the entire cluster, even in my layout. (I did in the layout I am keeping for Chrissy.)

You'll find all of the kits I used to create this cluster in the zip file!  Click on the image or here to download the file.  Please leave comments on the cluster. Would you like to see more like this for those special photos you may have??  

Happy searching!  Until next week.........


Marcia said...

Yay! I found them all. Email is on it's way to you. I think the cluster frame is very cute! My granddaughters have grown out of the Princess stage, but I have several friends who have little girls who are still princesses, so I would use any that you create.

Laramie Coyote said...

You have good eyes, Marcia!

Pam K said...

I love searching for the Mickeys! :-)
Thanks for creating these ... & for the adorable frame! Sending you my finds ...

bekfek said...

Sent my answers! I love searching for them, too :) Thank you, Laramie, for doing this for us!

Brenda said...

Just sent mine in! Love the frame and would love to see more.

Laramie Coyote said...

Thank you all!! I love to make these for you as well!! Will do more frames!
Thanks for your comments.

Faiths Mom said...

LOOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEE it!! ADORABLE!!! I hope you'll do more of these beautiful Princess frames!! Thanks so much!! Linda