Thursday, January 23, 2014


I didn’t check back on Tuesday’s post last night when I was getting Thursday’s post put together.  I just saw all the comments about the bad link and I’m seeing if uploading the file again will take care of the problem.  However, that’s step one in a process that will take a while. Please be patient as I try to find a way to get you Tuesday’s freebie.  It seems as if the gremlins are back at play.  Thursday’s freebie link worked perfectly, I double checked the link for tomorrow’s freebie just now and as of 9:21pm CST it’s working so tomorrow’s post should be just fine.  The frustrating thing for Connie and I since the server move is there is not any clear reason that some of the links are not working.  We both can see the perfectly good files on the server, we can both download those files from the server but when we go to make the file link public something is going awry even though we use the same exact steps every single time.  Maybe it’s technology gremlins playing tricks on us.

It may take a while but we’ll get that freebie going for you.  There will be a comment on that post by myself or Connie when the 21st’s file issue is cleared up.  Someone get a broom and a dust pan because I’m going gremlin hunting.


The gremlins have once again been cleared from the server and I gave them my best teacher look as they went scurrying off.  Hopefully, they learned their lesson this time and will quit playing havoc with our freebies.  Seriously, they need to find a new playground.  All those wires create an unsafe playground anyway.  I will check the 21st’s post after 5pm CST Friday when I get home from school to make sure everyone had as much success downloading as I did after the gremlin eradication.  Ya’ll try to start the weekend off with a smile.  I’m going to go look for some chocolate …….



Pam K said...

I just downloaded Tuesday's QP & it worked fine! Thank you so much!!

bekfek said...

Hope you found your chocolate :). Thanks for fixing the link!

Susan said...

Alas, no chocolate. My husband has even conveniently forgotten to bring home the Girl Scout cookies from school so I couldn't snag some of those. :) I'm glad the download is working for everyone and smiling through their weekend!