Friday, January 3, 2014

NEW! January 2014 GrabBag: Useful Engines

It’s a new year and with it comes the first Connie Prince GrabBag!  You get 6 brand new products for only $5!  This deal is only available until 1/9/2014 when the grab bag will be separated into individual packs.  Connie’s Grab Bags are a perfect way to stretch your scrapping dollars further and you’ll never be disappointed!

I loved all the answers that were posted yesterday guessing what would be in today’s reveal.  Do you have a train enthusiast in your family?  This grab bag is just the ticket for those young and not so young that have an affinity for trains!


There are some special additional coordinating packs too!


Connie’s Creative Team Inspiration

332ueyb2011-10-02-ridethetrain_sm2012_03_18-MardelTrains_zps1d8c8060AnnaDayOutwithThomas2005_zpsc777d3e5DayatthePark600x600dj-cap-usefulengines (600 x 600)Train-Hershey_webUseful-Engine_zpsc0fdc37eusefulengines_altimasport_zps21aea3causefulenginesLO_zpseb02e41bLittle-Toy-Train_zps394ed37f

Looking for another way to add to your stash but stretch you money a little more?  Check out what Connie has in the Gingerscraps Buffett Sale!  The kit is $2 and all additional packs are only $1 each.


I hope you all enjoy this first weekend of 2014.  Snap some pictures, scrap your story, or maybe dig into some of your family heritage photos and scrap a memory of a loved one.  In a scrapping rut?  Check out the challenges at Gotta Pixel, Scrapbook Bytes, or Gingerscraps.  Catch Connie’s Chat and Slow Scrap at Gotta Pixel.  {Nearly every Friday night, starting at 8pm EST}

Here’s a little gift from Connie’s team to help kick off your weekend.  Dannethia made some adorable arrows with Useful Engines just for you!  I love these!  They are perfect for adding a bit of emphasis to your layouts!


Download HERE!
Live it. Love it. Scrap it!


sdwrdt said...

Love the different arrows, but when I tried to download, got the 404 not found error

Anonymous said...

Love these, but can't download :(

Susan said...

Let me see what happened. I'm working out a few glitches on the new server.

Susan said...

I've sent a message to Connie that she will see in the morning so we can figure out what's going on. I'm getting that message as well but can't find what isn't right on this end. Please be patient while we work on this. I'll make a post once all the freebie links are back up and working.

marlah24 said...

Love the kits and the arrows. Thanks.

Jennifer Moore said...

Awesome looking kit! Thanks for the arrows.

Unknown said...

The arrow are very interesting. I like that there are different colors. Thank you. -Marie