Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Freebie links Fixed!

The past week has been a tough one getting the freebie links to work.  There’s good news though!  As of today we’ve been able to get the issue resolved.  Yes, I did just knock on wood after saying that.  I went back to Tuesday’s post and updated the link after re-uploading the file, downloading it as if I was a blog visitor, and unzipped the file to make sure it worked.  It’s good to go.  Yay!

I apologize for all the freebie download issues.  I’m thankful that Connie didn’t fire me on the spot, that her husband and Connie herself worked tirelessly behind the scenes to come up with a working solution so I could get back to getting you all goodies each week, and that Connie is very generous in the amount of freebies she allows us to create and share with her blog readers.

Now, let’s have a much better 51 weeks of 2014 than the first one, shall we?

Be watching for tomorrow’s freebie and go back to Tuesday’s post to snag that freebie!


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