Thursday, January 2, 2014

Back to what I was saying… and Thursday Freebie

After losing two games of Monopoly to my 5 year old, I got a chance to get back to today’s freebie.  Just as I was finishing, I realized that I had to leave and get to a dentist appointment.  That brings me back to my point from my earlier post, digital scrapbooking is wonderful for those of us who live with very busy lives. 

Being able to save a project and go has freed me to be able to have creative moments throughout my day and not feel guilty that a project is unfinished, or that I left a “mess” to  be avoided like the plague, or that my children have to have someone keeping an “eagle eye” on them when I have to leave them with said project out where they could be tempted to add their own creative touches (even knowing that it might not be the best idea at the moment).  Can any of you relate?

Now I have a freebie to help you jump start a future project. It’s a cluster frame using Connie’s {HUES} Beautifully Blue kit. I love the colors in this kit.  They would be perfect for Winter layouts as well as many other subjects.  Enjoy your freebie!


Download HERE


Anonymous said...

So Pretty! Thank you! - Kat

Pam K said...

I love it - my favorite colors! thank you!!

Jennifer Moore said...

Very pretty cluster. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Very lovely, thank you. -Marie