Sunday, December 1, 2013

Key to the 11-24-13 Hidden Element Game

I sure hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving.  My days are all off a wee bit because of the holiday.  Our holiday is celebrated on Friday so all the family can be together.. and well.. I lose track of the days every holiday.    Here's the key for last week's game.   Second version actually.  I thought the white circles were hard to see.  Actually.. I've tried several color circles!  Guess I had a really tricky photo.  Oh! Let me thank you for sending in those circled images!  So much easier all around.  A big thank you goes out to the first person who sent me one.  If only I could figure out who that was now!!  

And the winner of the $10 coupon is....   Drum roll please!!      ColorMeScrappy (Dawn)!  Congratulations, Dawn!!   (Please note that I am not posting the randomizer image to protect privacy. If any of the participants wish to review the randomizer, please drop me an email at coyotelady(at) and I will send it along.  Emails have full names attached in many cases.. and well..  I'm just protecting you all.   

Because this week is shared with the Buffet release, I am only announcing the winner of last week's game. Our fun and games will continue again next week!!  Wishing you all a wonderful week!!   

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