Friday, November 15, 2013

This or That: Merry and Bright

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, all over digiland (and in a lot of other places too!).  Connie is getting all of us in the mood to brighten up our holidays with the newest This or That collection: Merry and Bright.  The stunning contrasts in moods between the two kits make this a true hit in my book!  You have three bundle options with this collection so pick the mood that best suits you or if you are like me and love both you can snag it all!  Of course if you don’t want the bundle the individual packs are available as well.


All additional add-on packs are 40% off!cap_ss_merryandbrightAPAOcap_kw_bebrightFPcap_kw_bemerryFPcap_kw_bebrightWAcap_kw_bemerryWAcap_jene_bebrightCPcap_jene_bemerryCPcap_jene_bebrightJCcap_jene_bemerryJCcap_jb_bebrightQPscap_jb_bemerryQPscap_jb_bemerryPGCcap_jb_bebrightPGCcap_jb_bebrightBBcap_jb_bemerryBB

Pick this collection up at any of your favorite Connie Prince stores: Ginger Scraps, Gotta Pixel, & Scrapbook-Bytes!

On Tuesday, Connie had Snowball Fight in the Take $2 Tuesday sale.  I sure hope you picked up that adorable kit!  Even if you didn’t, I think you can find some use for today’s freebie.  I made a cluster frame to share with you and I hope you enjoy using it.


Download HERE
Have a Fantastic Friday!!


Anonymous said...

Love it! Thank you!!

Crystalnva said...

Very cute THANK YOU ;~} bunches...