Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy DSD!! Disney style.

To wind up last week, the winner of the coupon that was randomly selected using is Bekki Fekete. I just now emailed her the coupon!  The kits I used to do my Dopey Layout were:
  • Big Green Tractor Kit
  • Big Green Tractor PDP Papers
  • Girl Thing Kit (solid paper)
  • Believe in your dreams  (buttons)
  • P2013 October

What a week it has been!!  Another DSD rolls around. Where does the time go?  You will all have to forgive me this week. No hidden elements games this week.  But there will be a chance for THREE lucky ducks to win BIG this week! Read on...

Connie has been in a real giving mood this DSD and that is carrying over to our Sunday Blog: Disney Style!   What I do want to tell you about this week.... great sales at Connie's stores!!  For those of you who do not yet own Mouse In The House Bundle (pictured below and linked to GS for you shopping pleasure)....
it's a steal at $9.99!  That is a savings of 67%.     The alpha add on is also on sale for $1.50!!

There are other great kits by Connie as well.  Once Upon A Time - Main Street Magic - My Happy Place.  All at great prices this week!!

Just in case you missed it, Connie's stores are all having a sale through November 7th!!  And because this is DSD and there is probably tons of things that are tempting you, here is a way to save even more!  Those of you already signed up for Connie's newsletter, know about this little secret.  For those who haven't signed up for the newsletter (shame on you!)... you should. But I'll share with you this one time the extra savings coupons that come in our monthly newsletter!  Please note the exclusions and valid dates. 

Save More With My Coupons

  • Save $2 off orders of $7 or more with code: 2off7Nov
  • Save $4 off orders of $14 or more with code: 4off14Nov
  • Save $6 off orders of $21 or more with code: 6off21Nov
  • Save $8 off orders of $28 or more with code: 8off28Nov
  • Save $10 off orders of $35 or more with code: 10off35Nov
Not valid on collabs (kits/templates created with another designer).
Coupons expire 11/30/2013, Valid for up to 5 uses / customer.
You can use these coupons at GingerScrapsGottaPixel and ScrapBookBytes 

*takes a breath* Sooooo.. on the chance to win.  Here's the deal.  Connie is offering three nice coupons to those of you will play along with me this week.  You have to create a layout. (Come on... you play the slow scrap challenges.. so play along with me, too!!)  It should be Disney related, and use any kit from Connie or North Meets South Studios.  No Disney photos? No problem!  Create a layout telling us what you would like to see at DisneyWorld or DisneyLand... what resort you might want to stay. Anything! As long as you at least journal about Disney... you are golden!

You will post your layouts using the Linky  I will put them through the randomizer and the first three names chosen in order will receive:

How can you pass up this opportunity??  The deadline for posting layouts will coincide with the end of the DSD sale!  So all layouts MUST be posted here no later than Nov, 7th at 11:59 PM EST.

Once you all get good at playing layouts with me.. I'll include voting so you all can pick the winners!

So.. just to let you know about the fun you may have missed last night... here is my little layout from the Truth or Dare Game - and of course I did it with style... Disney Style!   Nobody has duck face like Donald!!


Brenda said...

Posted mine using Connie's kit Roar and a template from The Big Picture Vol 3. (I don't know how I managed to post this twice, sent you an email). Mine is of my granddaughter and her friends on a band trip to Disney this past spring. They rode the Kali River Rapids in Animal Kingdom over and over!!

Laramie Coyote said...

Got it covered, Brenda! I removed the one with a bad link. :)

Great job and thanks for playing along with me!!