Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Take $2 Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I have lots of news and reminders to share today as well as showing you the two kits that are in the Take $2 Tuesday sale.  Get yourself all comfy and let’s get going.

Today is the last day of the GGI Sale.  Connie’s collection for this is totally adorable!  After today the collection goes to full price in all her stores.  I’ve seen many layouts with this kit already and they always make me smile.


The August Grab A Byte Sale is going on and Connie’s awesome Beneath the Beauty Collection is full of the beauty (and interesting things) you can find if your just take the time to look in your own backyard.  I don’t know of a more elegant kit that also has the insect side covered!  Surprised?  I know, me too!


It’s that time again, time for Connie to make room in her stores far more goodies that is.  When that happens you have a chance to check back through your scrapping stash and find goodies that you may have missed and pick them up at an amazing price before they are gone.  I know I see some templates and word art that I don’t have (which I have no idea how that’s even possible!).  These will be gone at the end of August so make your list, find all your loose change, and snag them before they are gone!


That brings us to the special of today. It’s Take $2 Tuesday and for those of you who are Connie’s newer fans that means that Connie has 2 fantastic kits on sale today only for $2 each.  Yes, that’s correct, two kits each only $2!  I have found new favorites this way as well as remembered old favorites that I had the perfect pictures for!  Let’s see what she picked for today.  Project 2012: June and Entertained!  AWESOME!  Pick these up at any of Connie’s Stores: Gotta Pixel, Scrapbook Bytes, Gingerscraps, connieprince.net.


I spent a little time with Entertained today and I know that I’m going to be digging back into that kit soon to get some family favorites documented.  While I was at it I made a cluster of sorts for Connie’s blog readers.  What do I mean?  Well usually a cluster is just elements with maybe some paper strips.  This cluster has a place for 2 photos but it goes a bit beyond the cluster frame yet it isn’t a Quick Page.  You can resize it (as long as you go smaller not larger) to fit your page as a great starting point.  I hope you like it.  To download click on the preview.


See you later this week!


Carol said...

Thanks for the cluster frame. I like it because it looks like it will versatile - from vacations to everyday. :0)

Carol said...

Thanks for the cluster frame. I like it because it looks like it will versatile - from vacations to everyday. :0)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great cluster frame!

Crystalnva said...

THANK YOU ;~} bunches

Carol said...

I completely miss a word and my post looks pretty dumb - and it gets posted twice!!! LOL

Susan said...

It's okay, Carol! It happens to all of us. I appreciate that you left a comment! You know the first time I ready it my mind just filled in the missing word and I didn't even notice it. I'm glad you liked the cluster frame!

Carol said...

Thanks for your positive feedback. :0) I love and appreciate your great work!