Thursday, August 29, 2013

Font Fix Thursday, August 29th; Sneak Peek; and more

Connie has a beautiful collection coming out tomorrow that makes me long for the weather to ease out of the 100 degree temps and into the cooler weather of fall.  Be sure to check back tomorrow for the full reveal!


Guess who is in the spotlight at Gotta Pixel?  Connie!!  Starting today through September 7th!  Since she is in the spotlight she has a FREE kit that you can pick up at Gotta Pixel.  Where can you pick it up?  In her store!  Just look for Beautiful Memories and it will say FREE for the price.  Add it to your cart and you’ll be good to go!  She is also having a 40% off sale during this time!cap_DesignerSpotlightSale

Remember that you can pick up all eight of the Project 2013: September coordinating packs for only $7.99!  Those timeline covers are simply too cute for words!


Now for this week’s Font Fix.  Today we have five favorites from Terry F.  It’s another nice mix of fonts and definitely added some new ones for me to try out!


A simple Google search will give you immediate results to many different free font sites to download the fonts that we list each week. We will provide you with one offsite source where the font is available for download.

*Please note that we do not have any affiliation with the sites linked to below and you will be downloading the content at your own risk. Be sure to have your virus protection up to date before you download from any outside source.

Skinny Jeans:


CF Charlie:


Jellyka - le Grand Saut:

Today’s freebie is a special word art cluster using Wild and Free.  This kit is so beautiful! 



Have a fantastic day!


Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely word art cluster...

nancypinct said...

Connie - Really? Page 9? Page 9 for the DD? Come on Connie...Really? I looked and looked yesterday, and finally gave up. I figured you just forgot to post day one and that you would put up day one and two tomorrow. Today out of total frustration I looked and looked and looked - and guess what I found - on Page 9, really page 9! Yes, the daily download. I have been doing this with you for over 10 years now Connie, and I don't ever remember anyone, especially you, on page 9. Page 3 or 4, sure, that is what you do, but Page 9? really? Well I missed page one! - any chance you would put it up again?? I bet I am not the only one that could not fine it...really! My mother taught me that it doesn't hurt to ask :-% This is a beautiful DD! Thanks Connie.

Connie said...

Nancy, The Daily Downloads are required to be posted a month before our spotlight sales begin. I release a lot of product in a month's time so my daily download will naturally be a bit further back than some designers. It isn't something that I have control over, since we are required to have them posted by a specific date and there is no way to adjust the order in which products show in our store.

I am sorry that you missed the first day, but it was available and we are not allowed to offer them again because they become property of the Pixel Club after we submit them to the store.

Just a tip for future reference, you can always search for the DD by typing in the kit name in the product search.

Thank you and I hope that you have a nice weekend!
Connie Prince

cush464 said...

Why didn't I think of that (searching for the name). I missed too. Tried searching by price but that didn't work. I thought maybe it just didn't post. It's a great kit and the rest will be put to great use. Thank you Connie!