Thursday, August 1, 2013

Font Fix Thursday August 1, 2013 + A Lot More

I’m going to start with the “more” and end with the Font Fix. So let’s get started.

Look what Connie has in the $1 Bake Sale at Gingerscraps August 1st – 5th.


August Buffet Sale Begins Today!
Kit is on sale $2 and matching addon packs are $1 each through August 5, 2013.


That is a lot of awesomeness just waiting to find a home in your digi-stash!!  I absolutely love the colors and elements in this collection.

As if that isn’t enough I have a sneak peek at what Connie is releasing tomorrow.  It’s time for the August Grab Bag and you know it is always full of spectacular Connie goodness waiting to be unwrapped and used.


That brings us to today’s Font Fix.  This week I have Deanna’s top five picks to share with you.  All of these make excellent title fonts and each one has a a total different look.


A simple Google search will give you immediate results to many different free font sites to download the fonts that we list each week. We will provide you with one offsite source where the font is available for download.

*Please note that we do not have any affiliation with the sites linked to below and you will be downloading the content at your own risk. Be sure to have your virus protection up to date before you download from any outside source.

A Song For Jennifer Font -

Girls Are Weird Font -

Tuna & Hot Dogs On Rye Font -

You Are Loved Font -

Veggieburger Font -

Finally I have your freebie for today.  Connie recently released a kit called Road Warrior that I think is absolutely brilliant.  I created a Timeline Cover for Connie’s fans.  To download just click on the preview or HERE.


See you around digiland!


Anonymous said...

None of Connie's items are in the Bake Sale ....

Crystalnva said...


Connie said...

Thank you for letting me know about the Bake Sale, I've added the items to the category now :) Connie

Jennifer Moore said...

What a cool timeline cover! Thanks.