Sunday, June 23, 2013

Not so scary monters!

June 21st marked the release of Pixar's Monster University in theaters here in the United States.  This is the very first prequel Pixar has produced.  So who all has seen the movie already??  Personally, I can't wait to see it!  We are planning to go on Monday when Joe gets home from work.

What else was released on June 21st?  Monster In The Making by Connie Prince!  Very happy coincidence for Monster lovers, which I certainly qualify. I admit that I am afraid of the dark. Can't sleep without a nightlight to save my soul.  (I'm not afraid of monsters under the bed or in the closet. My bugaboo is vampires at the window and spiders.)

I fell in love with Sully at first sight. Seriously. For a monster, you have to admit - he is big and cuddly. Mike - he's just too funny to be scary.  Over time, you'll hear more about my Disney loves and collections than you thought possible.  I am avid stuffed animal/character collector, as well as Disney pin collector/trader. Artwork, statues.  Yes, I do have stuffed Sully and Mike. Also, remote controlled Mike which is adorable but the dogs chase.  And pins.

I have also photographed most of my collections.  You'll notice that I have both Sully with Boo and Randall elements in one of my shared layouts.  Those are actually Disney trading pins! Yep.  When I photograph my pins, the background is dark since I photograph them right in their pin albums.  When photographing your pins, you need good light so that flash is not required. Flash reflects off those shiny pins something fierce!  With a little PSE magic (no Disney magic involved here), I removed the background and save as PNG.

These days, Pixar is playing larger roles at Disney World. It hasn't always been this way.  The Laugh Floor show is located in Tomorrowland.  It was here that I first saw larger than life Sully. I was actually chasing down a spot mentioned in a backstage tour (yes, those again!) when I found the Meet and Greet area for Sully and Mike.

Now that I piqued your curiosity, I was looking for the spot where Tinkerbell lands after her nightly flight from the high tower peak of the castle.  Tinkerbell's nightly flight is indeed magical. She must roll in pixie dust for all the glitter and lights.  Her flight is rather quick with her super-speed fairy flying. Tink's velocity is so great she actually needs help landing.  Her flight takes her to the roof of Tommorowland building where a couple of elves are holding a large blanket to help slow her down before she hits the wall.  True! I wanted to see that spot and I was sidetracked by Sully. *sigh*

Connie packed up a kit with perfect colors and elements for your monster layouts.  I would love to share a couple of mine with you:

Don't you just love those googlie-eyes?  (I admit to having some of those for my traditional scrapping.) And there is Randall, all tall and slimy - rubbing his evil hands together.  That would be me with the super-silly grin on my face that only Sully and the Beast can make happen. This was MY first Scare-lesson.  I think I failed. Miserably.  For those of you that have never had the pleasure of meeting Sully - yes. His fur is VERY soft. No wonder lil' Boo loved him so.

Before I close, I want to let you all know that I am hosting another MouseScrappers Weekly Challenge #191 beginning on June 26th through July 9th.  This is a two week challenge due to the holiday. I am only able to host these challenges thanks to the generosity of Connie - who graciously donates either a template or a PP (participation prize). So if you love Connie (and who doesn't) and would love to participate in some Disney scrapping - come on over to MouseScrappers and see what Connie has whipped up for my PP!

Until next Sunday....

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