Monday, March 18, 2013

Sales and a Freebie

Happy Monday!  I hope everybody had a great weekend and a fun St. Patricks Day. 
It is last call for the Collection of the Week.   Let Freedom Ring will only be on for this deal today and tomorrow.  Wedensday Connie will have a new kit on sale for a week.
Connie is retiring some kits this month.  The products pictured are $1-$1.50 each.  They will be on sale until 3/31
Last but not least is your freebie.  Deann made a quick page using Springtime.  You can download it HERE.
Enjoy and have a great week.


maryanne said...

So sad, I LOVE your stuff and I havent been able to download anything from you for a week now :(
Wish the net people would get this fixed! Thanks anyway

Terry said...

I'm not able to download your freebies either. With all the messages that have been left, it makes me wonder if you are reading your comments. It would be so nice if this issue could be resolved.

Mom2mykids said...

I'm able to download with no problem at all, for what it's worth. Maybe it's an ISP problem, or a blocking program issue? Thanks so much!

maryanne said...

Yeah I'm thinking it's an ip issue like another designer had problems with. Trying to figure out how they at the net guys to fix that, so I can make them fix this for me!

maryanne said...

Could someone check and see if at&t has an IP block on this like they did on the other designers page? And if they do get them to remove it? It took the other designer almost a week to figure it out and it seemed to be AT&T

Anonymous said...

Dl`d fine..THANK YOU ;~} this page is just too dang cute..
from crystalnva

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! This is adorable and...ya'll be nice Miss Connie is too busy making beautiful kits (have several of them) and freebies to have to look back over your ungrateful comments. You are clicking on the HERE button and not just the preview...I hope. Thank you again for being so nice and putting up with us and giving us freebies!! No problems downloading.