Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tips for finding what you are looking for

Hi everyone!  I’m just popping back in real quick to point out where you need to go to pick up the Daily Download that we’ve all been posting about.  Even though the text was linked it may not have come across obvious to some and we don’t want anyone to feel like we are trying to make it difficult to find.

The Daily Download is being hosted on the GingerScrap’s Blog located at this web address:

All the freebies that we offer each day via Connie’s blog are either linked to the freebie preview or on clickable text.

Most of the time we try to link to text like the kit name when we are talking about a kit.  If you move your mouse over the text you should see it underline or appear clickable.  Clicking on the text will take you to the kit. Sometimes we may also make the preview of a kit link to the product in the store. 

I hope these tips help those that were searching for something find what they were looking for. 

Try out these tips down on the post below this one.  The words “GingerScrap’s Blog” were linked directly to the blog.  The name of the Grab Bag was linked directly to it in one of Connie’s stores.  See if hovering over those two places gives you a clickable link.

One more searching tip: At all three of Connie’s store there is a search box on the store page.  if you type in the kit name that you are looking for it will find close matches for you which should include the kit.  Every once in a while that may snag because there may be a few kits by several designers with similar names but generally speaking it works. 

Happy searching!

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