Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wrapping Things Up + {FREEBIE}

Boy does Connie know how to celebrate!  Not only did she rock DSD but has continued it all through this week.  You have two more days to join in on some amazing deals from Connie as part of this week long celebration!


You can still check out her DSD 2012 Grab Bag and her November Grab Bag!  I love that both of the Grab Bags are fully revealed in the store so you know exactly what you are getting too! The add-ons are 50% off as well! 

You can find these at all of Connie’s stores.  Gotta Pixel, Scrapbook Bytes, Ginger Scrapscap_DSD2012GBSale




The last goodie that Connie has up as part of this mega celebration is her December Daily album.  She has it available in vertical and horizontal versions.


I love those albums!  They would make the best gifts for grandparents!

Speaking of gifts….I had a good time playing around with Connie’s kit, “Northpole Express.”  I made a cluster frame for you!  Add it to a layout, use it for a bragbook page, add it to a special holiday card and you’ll have a quick gift.  To start your download just click on the preview.



Stacey said...

love the new kit! thanks for the terrific frame!

Ricki Ohana said...

Thank you for the sweet holiday frame!

marsie55 said...

Fabulous frame .. thank you :)

mskinsey said...

thank you for the lovely frame! i love its simplicity and clean lines. you do good work! :-)
BTW, when i clicked on the "post a comment" tab, a window popped up that said i couldn't do that in "frames" mode. i finally figured out that i needed to right click and open the comments page in a new tab. did i do this correctly? this never happened to me before ...
also, in trying to prove i'm not a robot, i sometimes have to go through 2, 3, and 4 tries before i get the code correct. this is such a bummer ... discouraging, too ... i know it's necessary because of all the evil peeps out there, but it's hard ... i can tell already that i'm going to fail this time around, too, because the number is so blurry, it's unreadable ...

mskinsey said...

yeah! finally made it on the 3rd try!

mskinsey said...

Some feedback I've been meaning to leave ... Please ask Connie and all her CT members to put their final files for kits, papers, clusters, templates, freebies, etc., in a folder BEFORE zipping them for web distribution.

What happens is that the file will "explode" when it is unzipped. For example, I download to a folder called "cap" for downloads by Connie and all her CT members. If I unzip 4 or 5 (or more) zipfiles at once using the "Extract here" command, all the contents become intermingled with each other. I then have two choices: (1) delete all the files I just unzipped and start all over again, using the "Extract each archive to separate folder" command; or (2) create new folders and painstakingly sort the contents of the folder into the appropriate folder.

Obviously, I would prefer not to have to do this. When I have multiple files to unzip, I've learned to click on the first zipfile and open the contents that way. Then I can see right away whether the contents are in a folder or all loose in the zipfile. If there's a mixture, then I'll extract all the zips to individual folders, but I would much rather use "Extract here" because then I don't have to copy the contents of the subfolder, paste them to the top level folder, and then delete the subfolder.

Does what I wrote make sense? I tried to write my suggestion in as clear terms as possible without pointing out anyone in particular. By no means do I mean to criticize anyone by making this suggestion. I just know that other online friends feel the same way I do, so I am hoping to help not only myself but them as well. One online friend has gone so far as to state on her blog that she will no longer patronize designers who don't put their files into a folder before zipping them. I don't want to go that route because I'd miss out on too many great kits, etc. :-)

Thank you for accepting my suggestions in the spirit in which they were intended. I love you all and all the great things you do for us and for the scrapbooking community!

BTW, I decided to go ahead and send this comment today because I saw that the robot code was an easy one! LOL!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely triple frame!! Thanks so much for sharing.

Chris said...

Thanks so much!! I love this little frame:)