Sunday, August 19, 2012

Thank you!

Mornin' everyone.  It is Shari here with you on this (hopefully) sunny and delightful Sunday morning.

As you've read over the past few weeks, I'm moving on from my role as Connie's blogger after two great years writing and sharing with all of you.  Of course, I'm not leaving Connie as I'll be making quick page and alpha (and who knows what else!) add-on packs for her amazing collections.  I'm really excited about the opportunity to challenge myself and really explore my creativity.  Connie is so kind to give me this new opportunity just as she gave me such a wonderful challenge on August 6, 2010 when I took over her blog.

As I thought back over the past two years, I dug out some statistics that I wanted to share before my blogging career is over.  My goal in taking on the blogger role was to bring Connie to more scrappers and bring more scrappers to Connie and her wonderful products.  Working together with you, Connie and her amazing team of artists, we've come a long way toward that goal I think!

Unique visitors to Connie's blog = over 90,000
Pageviews on Connie's blog = nearly 800,000
Blog freebie downloads = over 330,000

For the next week or so, Connie will be blogging herself about her Daily Download over at Gotta Pixel.  She's got lots of goodies to share so be sure to stop by each day and check in.  Over this week, Connie and I will be getting the new blog team up and running so that they will be ready to take over once Connie's Designer Spotlight over at GP is complete.  You've got a super team of ladies coming your way in the weeks to come on Connie's blog - please make them feel as welcome as you have me.  

So ... this is my last official blog post as Connie's one-gal-blog-team.  I may pop up from time to time if one of the new girls needs a back up, you may see embossie freebies once in a while and - of course - you'll see my work coming through with each of Connie's new collections.  

I would like to end by thanking all of you - whether you've been reading since I started in August 2010 or if you just started reading today.  I've enjoyed sharing these moments with you.  And, also, to Conniekins - you're an inspiration and a kind, generous spirit.  So excited to continue our journey together, my friend.



Linda said...

Shari, you are truly amazing!! It will take 10 people to replace you as a one-woman blogging machine!! I have enjoyed your daily posts, freebies and insights. Best of luck with your new role on Connie's team! Take a bow lady, you deserve it!!

Stacey said...

Shari, thanks for all the awesome goodies you've shared with us, we'll miss you on the blog but good luck with your new position! Looking forward to meeting the new ladies!

PhotoLee said...

Linda said it perfectly!

GrandmaBev said...

Shari, you've done a great job and I know you'll do great in your new assignments. We all love you.

Djhs said...

Shari! Thanks for taking me under your wing while I've been here! Thanks for all the amazing posts you've made. This is one of the first spots I visit every day to see what is up with Connie and the team! I'm so looking forward to seeing and enjoying your new venture with Connie. I agree that she's just the best!! Good luck with your new position!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I thought you'll be leaving for good and that made me sad, you guys are awesome, i wish you all stay with connie :)

Debbie NEace said...

Shari - you have done an amazing job and i have loved reading your posts. Good luck on your new venture.


Chris said...

Shari thanks so much for all that you have done. I looked forward to everyday reading what you had to share with us. Thanks for all the goodies that you have shared with us and good luck with your new position. I can't wait to meet the new ladies:)

shaz515 said...

Shari, you are a blogging legend!! I have loved reading your posts every day and love, love, love the great embossies you have shared with us :) Good luck with your new position!

Anonymous said...

Shari - I adore your embossed papers and enjoyed your blog posts. I wish you well with your new role!

Anonymous said...

Shari is there any way you can link these daily down loads to the product and Not your store...., This is the second day I had to miss because I just don't have the time to scroll all around your store.


MK said...

Shari, it was a pleasure seeing your posts! Also, thank you for all the neat freebies over the past couple of years. Glad you aren't leaving permanently! :)

PS said...

Shari, you did such a wonderful job through the years, and were so "there" all the time! You amaze me, that you could do this AND your very full time work!
I'm so glad that you are taking a new active part in Connie's creations and look forward to seeing more!
Big Hugs!

Jennifer BC said...

Shari - you've done such an amazing job!!!!!! I hope we keep seeing your awesome embossed papers and can't wait to see the rest of your creations!!

LizJ said...

Thank you so much, Shari! I certainly have enjoyed all your blog posts. Good luck in your new adventure, which we're all looking forward to!