Friday, August 3, 2012

GingerScraps Buffet Pricing Error

Hi everyone, Connie here!  There was a miscommunication this month about the price points for the Buffet items at Ginger Scraps.  The price points were changed to $1.50 / pack and I didn't realize that until after the sale was already advertised. 

My packs are priced at $1.50 each pack, but I've talked with administration and I'm allowed to post the following coupon codes that will bring the price point down to the $1 / pack for a limited time.

You will see a different coupon code depending on if you are going to buy one - all eight of the items.

1 Pack - Use Coupon Code: 1Buffet to save .50 (your item will be $1)
2 Pack - Use Coupon Code: 2Buffet to save 1.00 (your item will be $2)
3 Pack - Use Coupon Code: 3Buffet to save 1.50 (your item will be $3)
4 Pack - Use Coupon Code: 4Buffet to save 2.00 (your item will be $4)
5 Pack - Use Coupon Code: 5Buffet to save 2.50 (your item will be $5)
6 Pack - Use Coupon Code: 6Buffet to save 3.00 (your item will be $6)
7 Pack - Use Coupon Code: 7Buffet to save 3.50 (your item will be $7)
8 Pack - Use Coupon Code: 8Buffet to save 4.00 (your item will be $8).

Codes will expire on 8/5/2012 & are only valid at GingerScraps. 

If you have already purchased the Buffet items, please send your invoice number to me at connie.prince08 AT gmail DOT com and I will send you a coupon code to use on a future purchase in the amount of the difference.

I apologize for the confusion and hope that this solution is one that will help!  If you have any comments, questions, or concerns you can always send me a private message at the email address listed above.

Thank so much & have a wonderful Friday!!
Connie Prince

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Caroline said...

Thank you for the coupon.