Saturday, June 30, 2012

Catch A Wave In Photoshop!

I have often been asked how to create a wavy border in Photoshop, similar to what I create with my Border Clusters!  There are several ways to achieve this look and today I will show you how to do a
quick and easy wave using the "Warp" tool in Photoshop. 

First, you will create a vector rectangle using your shape tool on your canvas.  The one that I am using for this tutorial is 3600 pixel wide.  Do NOT rasterize your rectangle.  Working with it as a vector will prevent your edges from becoming jagged.

Once you have your rectangle, go to the drop down menu at the top and select 
edit, transform path, & warp.

Now you will see the 2 edit nodes on your image.  You can pull on the left node (up or down) to create a "wave" effect.

 You can also, pull up or down on the node on the right to give even more curve to your wave, if you wish.

Once you have your wave just how you like it, you can rasterize and add your papers, etc.  Or save the shape to use later, if you wish!

These curves are fun to use to create the look of an ocean wave or to add a little curvy flow to your page!  Here are a few examples of pages using a "wave"!


That's it, how easy was that?!

I hope you have a great day :)
Connie Prince


EllyMae said...

Great Tutorial! Is there any way to do this in PSE 10? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks - I have wondered how to do this. Your tut was so easy to follow!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this tutorial - always wondered how to do this! Hoping to figure it out for PSE 10.

Ponytails said...

So easy! Who knew? Thanks!

Connie said...

I use PSE 10 and get the same with this tool...

Filter > Distort > Liquify from the Menu Bar. Click the Warp tool which looks like a pointer finger and use it to push the pixels forward. In the Tool Options section, adjust the brush size and pressure of the tool, as needed.