Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Chatter With Connie Prince

Hello!  I wanted to thank you guys for such great feedback last weekend after my first Sunday Chatter post! 

Many of you expressed an interest in knowing more about my creative process.
I'm sure that my process is not unlike many other designers!  There are literally millions of places that I pull inspiration and the biggest tool for me is to always have a way to record the inspiration as it happens.  There are two very important tools that I use!

1. My idea notebook
2. My BlackBerry

I keep my idea notebook nearby most of the time, and I'm constantly jotting down phrases that I hear, or sketching interesting patterns or shapes as I see them, etc.  If my notebook isn't with me then I rely on my phone.  It has a notepad and a camera built right in and I find it invaluable for recording ideas on the fly. 
Then I transfer those over to my notebook when I have time.

The majority of my products orginate with a theme or idea.  After I have that in place then I pull color inspirations together.  There are so many websites that offer colorful inspiration, and recently my favorite go to place is Pinterest
(I'm connieprince on there if you want to look me up).

Next week I'll talk about the actual process and what
happens once an idea is born!


Layouts With A Twist
I love to find layouts that have a different "twist" to them.  We typically scrap about things that have already happened and that's great because we are all in it to preserve our memories! 

However, what if we switch things up and scrap things that we are looking forward to or even something that we wish would happen?

One of my team members, Kari, created a really cool layout this week about an upcoming trip to Disney that her family is planning to take. What a great way to record her excitement and even the things that her family members were looking forward to doing and seeing on the trip!

Gotta Love The Ears

I'm challenging myself (and you too if you are up to it) to create a layout like this during this upcoming week!  If you do one be sure to link me up at connieprince73 AT gmail dot com and I'll share it here next week!


Winners From Last Week's Post
Last week I asked for your feedback and I appreciate all of the great ideas that you gave me for my weekly blog post!  I look forward to incorporating as many of them as I can in the upcoming week.  If you have any others always feel free to leave me a comment and I'll do my best to cover them in a future posting! 

I did a random draw and these two ladies will receive $10 coupons to my store: jtbusman and tamis3angels

Jamie, I have your email and will send you your coupon asap.  Tami if you would email me at connieprince73 AT gmail dot com I'll get one out to
you as well!
Blog Freebie For You!


Thanks so much and have a great week ahead!
Connie Prince


Jamie Busman said...

yay!!! I'm so excited!!!!! Thanks Connie!! I just LOVE all your work!!!

Joanne said...

Thank you for the freebie.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the journaling note!
I like the idea of scrapping an upcoming event too.

tamis3angels said...

Oh Wow! I just am catching up on reading the blog and discovered that I won. Thank you!!! You are the best!!!