Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Meet Connies Creative Team-Kristen

Today we meet Kristen (kbbeale). Kristen is the mom of 3 beautiful boys and lives in the lone star state of Texas!! Kristen is new to the team and is our enabler and promoter and she is awesome at it along with being an amazing and excellent scrapper. She is also the sweetest and kindest person you could know. I enjoy chatting with her on yahoo and love looking at her layouts of her adorable boys! Here is a link to Kristen's gallery and below her answers to the 5 questions along with 3 super layouts to help give you some inspiration!
1. If not now, when? As soon as I can. If I dont do it soon, I'll forget.

2. My greatest accomplishment is.....My marriage of 10 years and my 3 gorgeous boys.

3. I scrap because.....I want to preserve memories for my family, and remember moments that I would easily forget in 20 or 30 years.

4. I can't live without.....My family, Internet, and my Cell Phone..in that order.

5. 5 years from now.....I will be a mom of teenagers! I hope to be enjoying life as much then as I am now.

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