Monday, November 16, 2009

Meet Connies Creative Team-Kim

Today I introduce you to Kim (kim21673). Kim has been with the team for a few months now and she is absolutely amazing with her pages. So creative and awesome! And of course her adorable children jump off the pages as you scan through her gallery. Kim is from Illinois and has the most adorable family. And she is funny, kind, and just wonderful to work with. Check out her gallery ~~here~~ You won't be disappointed and will find so much inspiration there. I like to think of Kim as the queen of clustering!! She can layer and cluster so beautifully in her layouts and they all come out gorgeous! Check below for her 5 answers and see some awesome inspiration.

1. If not now, when? Before kids it was always yesterday...3 boys's ALWAYS the day after tomorrow!!

2. My greatest accomplishment family.

3. I scrap because.....I want to preserve my family's memories. The mind isn't always going to be what it is today and I want to remember 50 years from now what we did and how we felt.

4. I can't live I used to hate coffee but 3 boys later....I live for 3 cups of coffee every morning!

5. 5 years from now.....I will wonder why time went so fast but will smile knowing that I was there every single day for my family and not a day went by without kisses and saying I Love You.

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