Saturday, July 18, 2009

Speed Scrap Today!!

I'm hosting a Speed Scrap this morning at 11 am EST at Gotta Pixel. Hope to see you there!

Here are other Speed Scrap events happening this weekend:

Saturday 7/18/09:
My Life & Scrap @ 2 pm EST.
Plain Digital Wrapper @ 10 pm EST (not 100% that they are hosting this week, check forum)
Scrapbooking Mania @ 9 pm EST

Sunday 7/19/09:
Ginger Scraps @ 6 pm EST
Scrapbooking Mania @ 9 pm EST

Let me know if you know of any others, I'll post them here as well!
Have a great weekend everyone!

1 comment:

Linda said...

Connie thank you for joining in at the SS... would you mind contacting me Thank you.... great blog.