Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My flowers have been absolutely gorgeous this year & I can claim very little of the credit! Hayden loves to water, of course he plays a bit in the hose while he's at it..but the flowers don't mind!

Your Sweetness Is My Weakness, is all about celebrating the sweet things in life! This kit will work perfectly for birthday parties, anniversaries, trips to get ice cream cones, those everyday sweet moments, or even pages about a serious cupcake addiction (yes I have one of those lol)! Chock full of fun elements in fabulous colors, did I mention there are 4 complete alphas with both upper AND lower case letter, numbers, & punctuation?!

Here are some of the Oh So Sweet layouts that are in the gallery right now!
LO by Kim21673LO by MadaeLO by StaceyALO by mrsduke2uLO by scrapmomma3LO by tbog/Brenda
*Layouts created by Kim21673, Madae, StaceyA, scrapmomma3, mrsduke2u, & tbog/Brenda

Your Sweetness Is My Weakness
is on sale for just $2 this week at Gotta Pixel!

That's all for today my friends, I'll see you back here tomorrow :)

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