Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Blinkies, Banners, & Blog Fashion!!

YAY, just had to post about my new goodies! I have new banners & blinkies thanks to Laura at Simply-Scraps who is TOTALLY AWESOME at making blinkies/banners & so fast I was amazed! I'm a happy customer!

Here they are, too cute huh?! She made them using my Nature's Medley kit! Word is if you get caught wearing my fan blinkie, good things may come your way...hmmmmm!

AND see my pretty new Blog Fashion?! Look familiar? Scroll down a bit, see my Sunnyside Up kit?! Yes! Chelle is going to be taking my kits and flipping them into new blog fashions, the first two are done & will go on sale Monday at Elemental Scraps for $3.50/ blog fashion!!

That's all for tonight, have a good one!

Connie Prince

1 comment:

Laura said...

woohoo! i love me a shout out! thanks, connie! :D