Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New Kit!

Good morning everyone :) The homework monster has hit full force this week, Hayden has been swamped and good. We found out he'll have 13 book projects this year *faint* which in itself is going to be a challenge because sadly he doesn't like to read. So far he's been a champ about getting his work out of the way as soon as he comes home. I think he's figured out get it done and he has more play time afterwards!! I just hope he'll keep up the good habit, it definitely makes for a much more enjoyable evening not to have to constantly nag about homework lol.

I'm proud to announce the arrival of my new kit, Color Revolution "Tempting Turquoise"!

The kit is on sale for $2.50 for a limited time :)

The Alpha is included in the kit or it can be purchased separately!

Tag Alpha


Patricia said...

Cool kit. I wish your son the best of luck with all those book reports. I hope they are at least interesting books and something he is interested in.

Dawn said...

Wonderful kit! And yes, it sure does make life easier when you don't have to nag about homework, lol. Good luck with that.

TNChick said...

I'm in love with your color kits! If ever you need another CT member - remember me (LOL)! Awesome job!

BTW, didn't know you had a blog - saw it in your sig at DST