Thursday, August 30, 2007

3 Day Weekend Coming Right UP + a Contest for ya!!

WOOT! I love long weekends :) We have no big plans or anything but I just love knowing that extra day is there on Monday. I'm still battling these stinky's bad bad bad & I think I'm going to have to give in soon and go to the Dr. *UGH*! I have an unnatural anxiety when it comes to going to the doctor lol, it's not due to any traumatic thing in my past, etc I just don't like going. My mom says she thinks it's because of my "personal space" issues & I do admit that I have those. Not super crazy about strangers standing in my space much less touching me. Which brings me to another story!

We've been looking at supplemental health insurance plans for our business. We had this one agent come in and as we were standing there talking he kept creeping closer and closer to me. I backed up as far as possible until I was practically sitting on my desk & leaning back into back bend position to get away from him. Why do people find it necessary to get so "up in your face" to have a conversation. Really kind of ticked me off and I'm seriously doubting that he'll get our business because of it. Does this completely annoy anyone else or should I seek professional help now? Tell me your views on it please!!

Every now and then you purchase something & think "Wow" how did I ever live without it lol. Well I made such a purchase just last week and I just have to tell you about it too. It's a set of templates/actions by Marcie Reckinger & Traci Murphy called "Peeled & Revealed". I got sets 1-3 but let me tell ya I'm going back for the other set this weekend!! Jump over to Funky Playground Designs to check them out :)

Now on to business :) Adrienne & I have our Divine Double 17 in the store now & it's on SALE!!
Eternal Summer

I'm running a 25-50% sale in both my Gotta Pixel & Divine Digital stores Friday-Monday!!

Now I have a little contest for ya :) Leave a comment (be sure to leave your email addy) and if your post # is drawn you'll win a copy of the Eternal Summer kit shown above!! I'll announce the winner on Saturday..good luck!! Don't forget to leave your email because if you win I'll need it to send you a coupon :)

Have a fabulous night & cheers to a wonderful longgggg weekend!


absolutartist1 said...

I'm the first!!! :) Terrific kit!

A Gift of Hope Adoptions said...

hey count me in :)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

drop my name in the hat too please!! :)

Thank you!

ciocichar said...

Please enter me too!


Monique said...

Oooh I've had my eye on those templates for a while! Maybe some day i'll be able to afford Love the new kit, gorgeous elements! Have a great day!

Terebinthtree said...

Lovely kit! I'd love to win it! :)

Thanks for the contest.

Lynncal said...

I'm saying hi because I read about your contest, but since I'm on your CT I don't think it'd be fair if I won, so don't count me for your fantastic kit prize!


angmag55 said...

I love this Kit. awesome. Throw my name in the hat too.