Friday, March 30, 2007

Fabulous Friday!

Hello! March 30th?! Where did this month go, it has really flown by in a blur. Today is my mother-in-laws birthday, Happy Birthday Sandra :)

Have you ever been to Georgia in the Spring? If so you will have noticed that yellowish green film of pollen on everything! I love pine trees but good grief that stuff is nasty looking. No need to wash the cars this week friends!

I purchased a fantastic kit yesterday that I just had to share, it's my Fabulous Find of the week! It's called "In Short Supply Too" by Royanna Fritschmann and omygoodness it's awesome. I would call in sick to work today if I didn't work for my hubby just so that I could stay home & play with it! I love it when I find something that really strikes my fancy and makes me excited to work on scrapping my own pictures :)

I'll post my newest layouts below for you all to see! I know you're all getting tired of seeing Hayden by now lol but as a mom of one he's my whole world.

You can view these & all the other layouts in my gallery here.

All of the above were made using my Garden Party Kit available at Divine Digital or SBP, it's on sale now for $5.00!!

I have a freebie template for you today, I actually used it to make one of my new layouts (the mini-golf one)! Hopefully you can use it :)

Download the template here

Have a great day :)
Connie *DigiDiva*


ConnyB said...

Thank you very much - from Conny to Connie *gg*
Love your template :)

Shell said...

Thanks for the template.

Gail said...

Thanks for the template, Connie! After living in Georgia for 40+ years, I moved to Texas 2 years ago. I know all about that nasty, yellow pollen...LOL!I used to HATE those ugly yellow rivers running down the road after it rained. Once consolation...your dogwoods should be blooming really soon!

jlwbake said...

Great template. Thank you for sharing.

BMagsGirl said...

Great template!! Thanks for sharing!!

Hannah said...

Love the template! Thank you!

Ally S. said...

Awesome template!! Thanks so much!

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