Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday's make me tired!

Well it's Monday & they always tend to just wear me out! With school being out all week I had to get myself and Hayden out to the office this morning. Nine year olds don't typically like to get up early unless they absolutely have to but after about 15 minutes of prodding I finally saw signs of life in my sleepy headed kiddo. He was a dream while I was working, I don't think he was completely awake until around lunchtime lol. Tonight he is spending the night with his cousins Tristan & Jake, bless the house where the 3 of them are together is all I can say!

Our weekend was pretty peaceful! I love days where you get to stay in your pj's until lunch and I had one of those days...ok I had two of those days lol! Hayden had baseball practice on Sunday or I might have stayed in them all day, I love my jammies!

My sweet hubby William my "in the closet author" as I like to call him started a new series of children's books this weekend. Of course he'll never send them out to see if they are good enough to be published but Hayden & I enjoyed reading the tales that he wrote. These are based on a character that Hayden made up in one of his imaginary play moments. Will loves to write (says it is relaxing to him)! "KUDOS Will" for having a worthwhile hobby like that!

I made a little star shaped shaker box to share with you today..I had actually started out just to make some stars to embellish a layout that I was working on & thought someone might make use of I'm sharing them. The little stars are separate from the "star shaker" so you could even use those as stickers if ya want! As always feel free to share the link to my blog with your friends but not the direct link to the zipped file :) Comments are always appreciated ('specially nice ones lol).
Have a great rest of Monday & I'll see ya back here tomorrow!
Download Starry Skies here


Dana said...

Thank you - this star is so cute

Scrapcat4914 said...

Thank you so much for these great stars

LVRed said...

Wonderful, thanks so much