Sunday, February 25, 2007

Crazy weekends!

Wow it has been a busy few days, one of those whirlwind sets where I can't seem to catch my breath in fact. We went to see "Bridge to Terabithia" yesterday and without totally spoiling it for everyone I will just say that if you plan to bring your children along please read the book or at least some of the major points of the storyline first. I was pretty disappointed with the whole thing, I was expecting a beautiful movie much like Narnia since all the trailers led me to believe this is what it would be. It would have probably been better to me if I hadn't had such high expectations! The best part of the trip was going to Applebee's, I love those riblets *delish*!

Today we went down to visit my parents and to let our miniature daschund Widget have a playdate with their puppy. The puppy is already bigger than Widget lol, I'm amazed..poor Widgy. They had a great time and other than Lucky (my parents dog) scratching Hayden on the face the visit was very relaxing. Hayden has been rather grumpy all day about the scratch but I really think he is dreading returning to school tomorrow after his week off for Winter Break!

I squeezed in some time this weekend to do a few layouts, I'll post those below. Both are using my newest kits: Sage and Sweet & Shabby both of which you can find in my store
Tomorrow I will post a new freebie for you, I've been working on it for a few days now so stay tuned & check in tomorrow if you will :)

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