Monday, June 29, 2015

Winner, Guest CT Call, Sales and a Freebie

  Happy Monday!  That meant it is time for me to announce the winner of Show Off Wednesday.   Congratulations to Lori K!  Connie will email you a coupon code.  I hope everybody will join me again on Wednesday for another round.

 Connie is having a guest CT call for the later half of the year.  All of the details and requirements are provided below.  You can find the form HERE.   Good Luck to all who apply.

  Connie just released the July installment for Project 2015.  I think I say every month how much I really like this series.  But, it is true.  You can find this at any of Connie's stores: GottaPixel, GingerScraps or TheDigiChick

 Be sure to check out the retiring products before they are gone for good.  Today and tomorrow are the last days.   Each product seen is $1-$1.50.  This is such a great deal.  If you see something that you like be sure to grab it before it is gone for good.  You can get a closer look at what is retiring at either GingerScraps or Gotta Pixel

  Last of all, here is your freebie.  I used the new P2015 kit to make it.  You may download it HERE>
Enjoy and have a great week.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Funday!

You ladies are too good!!  Or we are just all Disney fans at heart!  The winner of the coupon for last week's Disney Trivia Hero Quiz is Karen Robinson!  I will be getting your coupons out just as soon as I get the post up!  Sorry to be late. We started building an ark here!  All this rain. Our basement has  way more water in it that I care to admit.  The ground is totally saturated!  So many floods around here it isn't funny. I just don't get the warning about "Turn around don't drown" though.  As if people really need to be warned.  (I guess maybe some do or they wouldn't bother??)  I don't mind the water so much. Just wish it would quit affecting my internet already! Grrrrrrrrrr!

That said... here are the answers to last week's Hero Trivia Quiz! 

1. Which of the following heroes dos not experience physical transformation?
b. John Smith

2.  Which hero wields a sword, has his own horse, and has to be coached by a monarch to chase his girl?
d. Shang (Shang has a sword and a horse, like Phillip, Phoebos and Herc, but the emperor says to him "You don't meet a girl like that every dynasty!" and he goes after Mulan.)

3. Which hero doesn't sing (even in his thoughts)?
d. Eric

4. Which red-handed hero kisses his girl with his eyes open?
a. Taran    (A lesser known hero in The Black Cauldron.)

5. Which hero, even though he has several opportunities, does NOT end up with a girl?
d. Kuzco (Kuzco was offered  seven brides and turned them all down because they weren't good enough! The Emperor's New Groove)

6. Which hero has a goatee?
d. Phoebus (Phoebus was a more mature hero, probably not a teenager as most Disney heroes are. He had a little bit of facial hair. Hunchback of Notre Dame))

7. Who was Disney's first blonde here?
c. Arthur  (The Sword in the Stone)

8. Which slick hero had a yellow hat, green slippers and also got the girl?
c. Robin Hood (Peter Pan and Robin Hood have similar outfits, but Peter stayed a swinging single.)

9. Lots of heroes are missing at last ONE parent by the half-way point in a movie. Which hero's parent didn't DIE, but just ran off?
b. Jim Hawkins  (Treasure Island)

10. Which hero becomes a surrogate father, gets the girl AND is voiced by Phil Harris?
b. Thomas O'Malley  (Phil Harris was actually in three Disney movies, and played a bear in two of them!   Aristocats)

Okay. I am going to be brave and try another Jigsaw Puzzle.  Hopefully, there are no browsers issues. I use a Mac as you all should know. But I am testing this out on Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.  Remember that you need to have flash so don't try to use a mobile device.

Online jigsaw puzzles from

It appears to be functioning under those browsers but if anyone has any trouble, give me a holler and I can get you a direct link to the puzzle.  What you need to tell me is the name of the kit used in this layout!  The layout is posted to The DigiChick, Gotta Pixel and GingerScraps Connie Prince Galleries. Email your answer to me at coyotelady(at)gmail(dot)com by July 3, 2015 at 9 PM.  

Friday, June 26, 2015

Project 2015 July, Retiring Products, + Guest CT Call!

Then there was Friday :)  Aren't you happy that it is the weekend? 

I wanted to share  a cautionary tale with you guys because this is one thing that I see happening to people over and over again.  My main external hard drive failed on Monday, luckily I back up regularly!  Of course it's still a pain to get everything moved back to where I need it, but at least I can!  I can't encourage you enough to back up your files often, back them up, and back them up some more!  I would have been devastated if I would have lost all of my photos and digital scrapbooking layouts!  I personally use Back Blaze and I am very pleased with them, it doesn't cost very much per month ($5) for peace of mind.

Ok, now on to the good stuff!  This week's new releases and other items of interest!

Project 2015 July on sale now!

Here are more inspiring layouts using this collection!


June Retiring Products Sale Happening Now!

Guest Creative Team Call! 


Quick Page Freebie by Deanna

Have a great weekend!
Connie Prince

Thursday, June 25, 2015

New Releases + Free Gift!

Happy Thursday - Connie here with this week's New Release post!  Summer officially started this week and I am feeling it!  It's a wonderful and busy time of year.  My son starts phase one of getting ready for next year's marching band season today with a mini-percussion camp.  He'll enjoy the 95+ degree heat while carrying around a huge set of tenor drums, I'm sure!  Thank goodness for air conditioning, I am not sure how people survived the heat before that wonderful invention.  How are you staying cool this Summer?

I have new releases!  It is time for the Project 2015 July edition (I can't believe it's almost July)!!!  This one has a lot of great things to help you scrap your July memories and is general enough to cover  other things, too.

My creative team really knocked it out of the park with their layouts!


June Retiring Products Sale Happening Now!

Guest Creative Team Call! 


Friday Project 2015 July Quick Page Freebie by Deanna

Have a super happy day!
Connie Prince

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Show Off Wednesday, Sales, Sneak Peek and Freebies

  Happy Hump Day!  That means that it is time for another round of
Just a quick reminder of the rules.

1. Leave a comment to this message with a link to a recent layout (within the last two months) that you have created using any of Connie's products.
2. Layout should be made up mostly with Connie's products.
3. Leave an email address where we can reach you in the event that you win in your comment.
4. All entries are due by midnight EST on Saturday.
5. Only one entry per person.

We will enter all of the entries into a random list generator and one person will win a product of their choice from Connie's store!

Can't wait to see your layouts!

  Connie just released her latest collection called Land of Liberty.  I really love the color combination of this kit.  Red and turquoise is a great color combination.   This is such a fun kit.  You can buy it at any of Connie's Stores: GingerScraps, GottaPixel or TheDigiChick.

   It is that time when Connie retires some of her products.   Each product seen is $1-$1.50.  If you see something that you like be sure to grab it before it is gone for good.  You can get a close look at what is retiring at GingerScraps or GottaPixel.

 Here is a sneak peek at what will be releasing this week.

  Lori C. made 2 great freebies for you.  She made these great journalling cards using Connie's new kit, Land of Liberty.  You may download it HERE.

Also, is this great printable card.  I love this.  You may download it HERE.
Enjoy and have a great week.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Take $2 Tuesday, June 23, 2015

It’s Tuesday and that can only mean one thing ---  Take $2 Tuesday Sale!!  Do you look forward with anticipation to see what Connie is going to pick to put into the Take $2 Tuesday Sale bin?  If you are stretching your scrapping allowance then you can’t beat this sale.  Both kits are only $2 each and the AddOn packs are on sale for only $1 each.  Today’s sale kits are  Hey Dude and Fabulous Fall! 


Available at these stores:

Ginger Scraps:
Hey Dude
Fabulous Fall

Gotta Pixel:
Hey Dude
Fabulous Fall

The Digi Chick:
Hey Dude
Fabulous Fall

I found these terrific layouts at Gotta Pixel with these two kits.

By Bobbie76


By sparky_mom


By Pippin


By rdjr


Don’t forget about Connie’s Retiring Products Sale going on right now.  The end of the month is approaching fast and you don’t want to let these pass you by!


Available at Ginger Scraps & Gotta Pixel

Land of Liberty is on sale for 40% off through Thursday!  It’s definitely going into my scrapping stash, how about you?


Available at Ginger Scraps, Gotta Pixel, & The Digi Chick.

Today’s freebie is a set of scatters made by Dannethia to coordinate with Party Out Back.  Enjoy!



I’ll be back Saturday with another weekly recap. Connie is going to fill in for me on Thursday and Friday while I finish up this class I’m taking.  Have a great week and create something you love!


Monday, June 22, 2015

Winner, Sales and a Printable Freebie

  Happy Monday.  That means that I get to announce the winner of Show Off Wednesday.  Congratulations to Melissa!  Connie will email you a coupon code.  I hope everybody will join me for another round on Wednesday.
  Connie just released Land of Liberty.  With Independence Day coming up in the US this is  a perfect kit.  I love the traditional colors with the non-traditional colors added in.  You can buy this beautiful kit at any of Connie's Stores:  GingerScraps, GottaPixel or TheDigiChick.

  It is that time when Connie retires products to make room for new products.  Each product pictured is $1-$1.50.  If you see something that you like be sure to grab it before it is gone.  You can get a closer look at what is retiring at GottaPixel or GingerScraps.

 Here is your freebie.  Land Of Liberty Hybrid Project by Lori C.It is so pretty.  You may download it HERE
Enjoy and have a great week.