Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Take $2 Tuesday

It’s a terrific Tuesday!  Do you like saving money while building up your scrapping stash?  If you do then you should mark every Tuesday on your calendar and swing by Connie’s blog to see which two kits she has on sale for only $2 each!  Today you can pick up Words of Wisdom or Get Well Soon (or for this price pick up both!).  Get Well Soon is a cute kit to document all those “owie” moment life brings, while Words of Wisdom is a a beautiful kit that celebrates all those bits of advice you want to give to your family or that have been passed on to you.


Ginger Scraps
Words Of Wisdom: bit.ly/1liTouh
Get Well Soon: bit.ly/1lySTwB

Gotta Pixel

Words of Wisdom: bit.ly/1n2TktA
Get Well Soon: bit.ly/1lySMB9

Scrapbook Bytes

Words Of Wisdom: bit.ly/YYQaSU
Get Well Soon: bit.ly/1q9k554

Go Digital Scrapbooking

Can you believe that it’s September already?  We’ve been flying through the year and Connie wants to celebrate with a special sale!  You can save storewide!  Excluding GAB, Buffet, GGI kits/collections as those are already discounted.


Did you see the reveal of this month’s Ginger Scraps Buffet Collection?  It’s a stunning collection and you can pick up all packs for $1 – $2 each.  Hurry so you don’t miss out!


Growing Up Collection

You still have Three days to pick up the September Grab Bag on sale.  You get 6 amazing packs for only $5!


Ginger Scraps - bit.ly/1pc7Krs
Gotta Pixel - goo.gl/Ub2EC
Scrapbook Bytes - bit.ly/VTxotO
Go Digital Scrapbooking - bit.ly/1n7Rl8o

With all these chances to save you can fill up your stash in a hurry, although I wouldn’t want to leave you today without a little freebie.  I made a little word art freebie to give you a taste of some of the beauty you’ll find in the Grab Bag. Enjoy!



See you back here on Thursday but be sure to swing by to see what Teresa has for you tomorrow!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Winner, Buffet, Grab Bag and a Freebie

Happy Monday!  It is time to announce the winner of Show Off Wednesday.  Congratulations to mmikes!  Connie will email you a coupon code.  I hope everybody will join me on Wednesday for another round.

The Buffet starts over at GingerScraps today.   I love the color pallet.  It reminds me of watermelon.  With summer ending I am holding on the things that remind me of summer.  This is only available at GingerScraps.   Growing Up is on sale now.  Be sure to check it out.  Here is a look at what is available. 

  The Grab Bag that was released on Friday is still on sale.  You receive 6 full products for only $5.00.  This is an amazing deal.  You can see the full reveal at any of Connie's Stores: GoDigitalScrapbooking, GottaPixel, ScrapbookBytes or GingerScraps

I used the new grab bag to make a freebie.  You may download the alpha HERE
Enjoy and have a great week.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Funday! Another Jigsaw Puzzle with a new twist!

Last week's jigsaw puzzle was Mouse In The House 12 x 12 Template!

The list randomizer puts Sandra Grimm in the number 1 spot to win the $10 coupon to Connie's store! Congratulations Sandra!!    

I survived the third surgery on my right knee this past week.  I must say that this one was more painful and I had to call for a stronger pain medication. Which makes me sleep a lot! Instead of a Hidden Mickey this week, we are going to do another Jigsaw Puzzle, but with a twist.  I took one of our photographs from Disney World and created a jigsaw out of that. It looks as if they have changed the number of pieces you can select.  I selected 54 pieces for this one.  Once you solve the jigsaw, you will email me the name of the DISNEY CHARACTER.  The human is my lovely daughter, Chrissy.  And this particular photo is one of my favorites from our trips.  

Just a reminder about the jigsaw puzzles, you can do them right on Connie's blog without ever leaving.  Most devices will not be able to use the jigsaw as it uses Flash.  The completed puzzle does not completely fill the box. You are just given plenty of area to work and move pieces around! Once you have solved the jigsaw, simply email me the name of the DISNEY CHARACTER to coyotelady (at) gmail (dot) com.  Please email your answers no later than Sept, 5th at 9 PM Eastern time.

Hope you enjoy this week's puzzle!  I'll see you all next Sunday.

Online jigsaw puzzles from JigsawSite.com

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Weekend Roundup

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. – Scott Adams

I found that quote this morning and it really spoke to my heart.  This week in my classroom, I’ve been going over my expectations and all the beginning of year stuff that has to happen. Two of the things I share with my students is that mistakes are how we learn and everyone makes mistakes, including me.  Now, how does that mistake become art?  Sometimes the mistakes we make are actually better than the plan we had in the first place.  Does that happen when you scrap?  It does for me and sometimes the mistake makes me stop and look at where I’m at in the process.  Sometimes I keep the mistake because it is quirky or even better than what I had planned.  So today I’m encouraging you to follow Scott Adam’s advice – make some mistakes and then figure out which ones you want to keep.

I love the look of the September Grab Bag.  We are still a little over a month away from Fall arriving where I live, but I look forward to the cooler temperatures and the crisp mornings.  Check out Connie’s September Grab Bag in her stores to see the full reveal.  This grab bag is only available through 9/4/14 where you get 6 packs for $5!  After that it will be broken into the individual packs.


Ginger Scraps - bit.ly/1pc7Krs
Gotta Pixel - goo.gl/Ub2EC
Scrapbook Bytes - bit.ly/VTxotO
Go Digital Scrapbooking - bit.ly/1n7Rl8o

The Ginger Scraps Buffet Sale begins on Monday!  Do you want a glimpse at what Connie has coming your way?


I can hardly wait!  This is going to be another stash builder that I have to have.  It’s too cute!

I’m off for the weekend but before I go, here’s your freebie for today.  I used Connie’s Ice Cream Social collection to make this cluster frame.  I hope you can use it to start a layout of your own.


Happy Scrapping Saturday!

Friday, August 29, 2014

New Release: September Grab Bag

Connie’s new release for today is the September Grab Bag!  You can pick up 6 fabulous brand new packs for only $5!!  Would you like to see exactly what you’re getting in the grab bag?  Then check out the stores where Connie has a full reveal.  You don’t have to guess at what you’re getting!


There are also these addon packs available.



This is a beautiful fall collection!!  Pick it up now on sale and save it for all your beautiful fall photo ops or scrap some of last year’s autumn beauty that you wanted the perfect kit to capture your story.

Today’s freebie is a fun quick page from Deanna using 100 Days of Happy.  I hope you enjoy it and I’ll see you back here tomorrow!



Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sneak Peek and Sale Reminders

Can you believe that we are looking at the final days of August already? Where is 2014 going?  I’m still getting use to writing 2014 on things.  How about you?

Well, I can’t slow time down, but I can give you peek into the future.  The future in Connie Prince land is …..


Super cute!  I look forward to sharing this with you tomorrow.  I think you’ll love it!  Since I’m sharing the sneak peek with you that means today is the final day to save on last week’s new release.  Pick up the Mega Stash of Project 2014: September – Life’s Work for only $7.99 or pick up individual and addon packs for 40% off through today.


Ginger Scraps - bit.ly/1nf33xm
Gotta Pixel - bit.ly/1vmuEC3
Go Digital Scrapbooking - bit.ly/1n7Rl8o
Scrapbook Bytes - bit.ly/1s4JH0X

You still have a few days left to pick up all the products in the August Retiring Products sale.  Save big while filling your stash before these are gone!


Ginger Scraps: bit.ly/Y8iNwC
Gotta Pixel: bit.ly/OhOL4G
Scrapbook-Bytes: bit.ly/113gzYC

I would love to spend more time with you but this first week back to school for my family is knocking me out.  My eyes are closing without my permission and I haven’t stopped at all today.  Here is your freebie for today.  I made this cluster frame with “You Are My Gift.”  Enjoy!


Happy Scrapping!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Freebie link

I can’t modify Teresa’s post but the non-working freebie link was my fault.  I put that together about a month ago and didn’t catch that I left off an important part of the file name.  Sorry!!!  I’m posting the correct link here so make sure you snag the freebie from this post. I’ll see if I can get Connie to fix the other one when she comes online tomorrow.



Thanks for being understanding.  I apologize for the delay!