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One of my all time favorites is Kenny The Pirate.  Kenny offers a Character Locator App to help you find those harder to find characters.  I have an Android phone, the LG Optimus Q (now discontinued) which I bought before our trip to Disney back in Sept. 2012.  And yes, I put Kenny's Character Locator on my phone (along with a few other handy Disney apps).  Loved Kenny's app.  My only complaint overall was.... I managed to kill the battery of my phone faster than anticipated!  LOL  Truth be told, it is the only time I actually followed Twitter was in Disney. Be sure to follow Kenny on Twitter!!   Click on the I Love Kenny the Pirate image to the left! And bookmark!

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Create magical experiences at home or order for delivery to the parks (Disney World or Disneyland). Useful for holidays, romantic occasions or simply thinking of you.  Let your imagination run wild!! Click on the Disney Floral & Gifts image to the left or this link. Bookmark!

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Food IS a theme park! If it's food related.. you can find it here on The Disney Food Blog, including recipes of tasty dishes from the Disney Chef's.  This is only one of many resources available, so don't be fooled into thinking you need to buy the ebooks!    Click on the image or the link above.
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WDW Prep School - Disney World Binder Builder  100+ free downloads. By Shannon Albert. A great resource for planning your trip(s) to Disney World!   Click on the image or the link above.

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The Disney Food Blog - Disney Recipes  I know we all love   yummy food and some of the best is at Disney. You will find a lot of wonderful recipes here.    I know I already listed the Food Blog Newsletter.. but it's time to zero in on the recipes.

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