Saturday, April 21, 2018

Saturday Wrap up!

It's the weekend! 

Connie has some new CU kits available as well as her retiring products sale! 
Check them out at Gingerscraps and the Digichick

And don't forget to grab these products before they are gone for good! 
Shop at Gingerscraps and the Digichick


Deanna made you this quickpage using Travelogue Illinois
Get it here

Have a great weekend! 


marlah24 said...

Love this. Thanks!!!!

Kathy Edmunds said...

I still cannot DL any of your cute freebies for the past week. It keeps saying that there are too many redirects trying to open this page. Please help! I love all of your cute things.

Susan said...

Kathy, what browser are you using? We've heard that those using Safari are having some issues but as I don't use Safari I can't replicate the problem. I've checked the downloads using Chrome and using Microsoft Edge and have not had any issues at all. The best suggestion that I can offer is possibly try a different browser and see if that's causing the issue.

Priscilla said...

Very cute! Thank you.