Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sneak Peek Sunday!

Congratulations to this week's winner!  I would like to say that all of the comments on Breast Cancer Survivors really did touch my heart.  Connie is donating half of the sales of this kit to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation in honor of a friend who lost her battle with breast cancer in October, 2000.


How many of you are participating in the #100HappyDays this year?  I am!  My HappyDay photo for Saturday, Oct 17th was the very first snow fall in Chardon, Oh. Can you believe it?  Already!  This snow won't last long, but it was sticking to the decks, roofs and grass. Have any of you had snow yet?

Last week's sneak peek was for the 2016 Calendar Templates.  The winner was given a choice of the templates or the pre-made calendars! Karen Robinson was the randomly selected winner and she chose one of the calendar templates.

I am thinking that this week's Sneak Peek will be an easy guess.

There a couple of rules you need to know.
  1. All comments are to be placed ON THIS POST  by Wednesday evening at 10:00 PM Eastern time. That would be October 21st.
  2. You MUST INCLUDE an email address where we can reach you in case you win. Should you fail to include an email address, I will not include your name in the random drawing.  Thanks for all those email addresses last week.  Most appreciated!!  
  3. On weeks where multiple products are released, you need only enter your name once. You will automatically be placed in both random drawings to win. 
I know everyone is concerned about junk mail and spam.  Feel free to enter your emails in the following fashion:  coyotelady(at)gmail(dot)com      Use parenthesis and words in place of the usual signs. 

I will send the winner their coupon as soon as possible after the drawing so they can go shopping on Thursday - release day. I will also update this post with the winner for those who want to check. Or feel free to drop me an email. I don't mind hearing from you ladies one bit. :)

Deanna has done a marvelous job on the quick pages using Tattered But Not Torn.  Click HERE to download or the image.  


Robinson Nest said...

Snow?? we aren't far behind as I do live in Canada. Hoping it stays away until after Halloween.
Thanks for the chance, maybe I'll be twice lucky.


Angela M. Jorczak said...

Oh, my Mom is a Breast Cancer survivor and now, my Aunt who is still recovering from her recent surgery. Thank you for creating this lovely kit. It can be used by so many for people we all cherish. Can't wait to see it!!!
I'm in upstate NY - we had flurries yesterday but thankfully nothing staying on the ground just yet.

Bright Eyes said...

My daughter is a breast cancer survivor. Looks like a lovely kit. Thanks for a chance to win.
Bright Eyes

Anonymous said...

I am a breast cancer survivor of 15 years....sadly my mother was not.This would be the perfect kit to win as I have never made a layout dealing with that issue. YetI wish best of luck to everyone. Cindi mousemail4me(at) Thank you for your generosity always.

Brenda said...

We rarely have snow in Mobile, Al. Thanks for the chance.

bpowersj @

Kathy said...

Thanks for the chance


SJ said...

My Grandmother lost her battle with breast cancer close to 10 years ago. Thanks for the chance to win! shellbyj @

Anonymous said...

Snow already?! We don't normally have snow till mid-December...but you are right, the first day of snow is always a happy day! Great theme, would love to win the kit, thank you!

Crystalnva said...

THANK YOU bunches :) My neighbor won her battle with breast cancer its been 7 years now ..

Anonymous said...

Love the colors

marlah24 said...

Very beautiful. Your quick pages are an awesome gift. Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...


Tiggernjen said...

Connie, thanks for a chance to win you new kit..
Lyn Forester (tiggernjen)

Anonymous said...

Hi Connie, thanks for the chance to win! No snow thankfully in Oregon yet.

Stacey said...

this looks so gorgeous! thanks so much for the chance! omg - no snow here in Vegas in over 7 years. we were in the 90s until last saturday - LOL. we are finally cooling off thanks to a rainstorm, or we'd still be in the 80's so no snow in sight! thanks for the amazing matching freebies!

KendiRN said...

"Thanks for the chance to win"

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this download...

madmcole63 said...

my hairdresser (my friend) just found out she has an advanced stage...this is appropriate at this time...saying prayers for her...thanks for your inspirational kit madmcole63(at)yahoo(dot)com

Abby said...

This is my first visit here, so I'm sort of lost, but looking forward to getting to know all you lovely people!