Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday Happenings

Okay, don’t laugh, please…. but I created a whole blog post with Tuesday information instead of Thursday information, and pre-posted it twice before it dawned on me that I was suppose to be doing Thursday’s post!  I must be a lot more tired than I realized.  So, here it goes….Thursday!

Let’s do another Designs by Connie Prince fan question.  (By the way, thank you to those of you who have been posting in the comments.  Interacting with Connie’s fans is a lot of fun!)  Today’s Fan Question is…..

What kit/collection is your absolute favorite? (Or current favorite)

I have so many!  I have to say my current favorite is Marching Band.  I had been begging Connie for a band kit forever! LOL Though, I’m really a sucker for anything glittery/sparkly so the new HUES: Gorgeous Gold is running a close 2nd to Marching Band.

Another beautiful collection on sale this week is Gorgeous Gold.  These packs can be found in the Grab A Byte Sale at Scrapbook Bytes.  This kit is classy and a must have in every scrapper’s stash.


Sports Fans (or those of us who live with a sports fanatic) should check out the Gotta Grab It Sale.  Connie’s packs are perfect for scrapping all those sports events and spectators alike!


Connie’s latest Template Bundle is still on sale.  If you love templates these will be a great addition to your collection and you will save a lot by getting them while they are in a bundle.


Ginger Scraps:
Gotta Pixel:
Scrapbook Bytes:
Go Digital Scrapbooking:

The final sale going on through October 17th is in celebration of Connie’s Designerversary!  Check out the 50% savings on all products not already on sale!  You only have two more days to help Connie celebrate!


Ginger Scraps:
Go Digital Scrapbooking:
Gotta Pixel:
My Memories:

We’ve already reached the mid point of October and you know that means that DSD is right around the corner. DSD?  For those new to the digital scrapbook world that stands for Digital Scrapbooking Day.  Start making your wish list and be watching for specials, sales, and lots of fun!  While I can’t give you any teasers yet I can give you a wonderful freebie created by Deanna before you head off for today.  It’s a second quick page using Discovery Zone!  Enjoy!




Robinson Nest said...

the kit I used the most this year was Universally Fun. We went to two huge theme parks and also have seasons passes so I am constantly scrapping that.

My recent purchase was What a Hoot - and I love love love that kit. Its oranges/blues go great with fall photo's too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! - Kat

Amber said...

Thank You!

Susan said...

Universally Fun is a great kit, Robinson Nest. Especially for those of us who enjoy a good theme/adventure park. I'm glad you picked up What A Hoot the other day. I've had fun playing aroudn with it myself!