Sunday, June 8, 2014

Morning!! It's time for Hidden Elements again!!

When I learned that Connie was releasing Mirror Mirror, I was very excited. I had to contain myself not to do a Snow White Hidden Elements until after the kit released!!  And yes.. you guessed it! Our next frame will be Snow White!!  I will be working on her today.

So... here is the key to last week's puzzle.  You all did absolutely awesome finding those hidden Mickey's!   The winner of the $10 coupon for last week is Bekki!   I will be sending the coupons out as soon as I get this post finished!

Trashed, Tattered and Torn has always been one of my favorite kits from Designs by Connie Prince. Who knew you could use it to scrap Disney memories??  I cannot stress enough - it's all about color. Matching color palettes to your photos.

For this week, I already said it is Snow White.   I hid 12 Mickey's about my layout today.  Your challenge is to find 10 of those!!   Be sure to get me your circled JPGS by Friday the 13th at 9:00 PM.
I am living on the edge with that one!  Send your submissions to coyotelady(at)gmail(dot)com.

I do love Mirror Mirror.  Including the little deer, bunny and birds was awesome!! For Snow White is loved by all the forest creatures. Including those Seven Dwarves!  So I had to include Dopey with my layout.  The embossed papers are really special for this kit.

On the subject of Friday the 13th - this will be a very special one!!  Not only will it be Friday the 13th, there will be a FULL MOON!  This doesn't happen very often at all.  The last time there was a FULL MOON on Friday the 13th was Oct 13, 2000!! And this will not happen again until August 13, 2049!

Thanks for playing along with me every week.

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