Saturday, January 4, 2014

Weekend News from Connie Prince

Have you un-decked your halls yet?  We’re nearly through at my house but I usually find the odd trinket or two about a month from now that somehow I missed.  I love having everything decorated and sparkly but I also crave the organized, less cluttered state my home is in for the majority of the year.  Please, don’t get me wrong.  My home has clutter, more than I would like actually.  However, I know that my youngest isn’t going to be little forever and the plethora of dolls, stuffed animals, and bits and pieces of things will be put away out of sight (and many donated to another family that has a little girl to love them just as much).  I will miss the days of the tea parties that spread throughout the house on Saturdays, the reading spots that are left abandoned for a quick dance break, and the forts that are built from seemingly every single blanket, quilt, afghan, and pillow in the house.  For now I’ll just un-deck my halls and enjoy the time we have.

Connie brought a couple things your way this week.  First up is the January Grab Bag: Useful Engines. Such an adorable kit and goodies await you to scrap all your favorite train moments.  You have until January 9th to pick up the Grab Bag for only $5! The Add-On packs are also on sale until the 9th.


All_Aboard_copyTJ 7 Months

The January Buffett Sale is going on at Gingerscraps right now, too.  Connie’s Legacy of Love Collection is beautiful and serene.  It’s a must in anyone’s stash that has a little girl, visions or romance, and a need to scrap something delicate. 


Grandma and GrandpaMJ-Aug2103Bdayweb_zps4cc879e3

Yesterday’s freebie link is working at the moment.  We still don’t know what is causing the problem with the links when I retrieve them from the server.  We’re looking into that.  I’ll be back with a new freebie as soon as I can get the link to work.  Until then, have a great scrapping evening!

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