Sunday, December 8, 2013

We're changing things up a bit this week!!

Is everyone getting in the holiday spirit?? I know I am.  I keep watching all the elf antics on Facebook and I've decided.. I NEED an elf!! Or two.

Connie is working on another participation prize for the Mousescrapper Challenge I will be hosting starting on Dec. 18th and running right through the end of December.  Holidays can get a little slower so the challenge will run two weeks. Might want to mark your calendars and then pop on over for some fun.

About layouts..  I do know that not everyone has been to Disney. However.. if you want to participate in a MouseScrapper Challenge or a Layout Challenge here, I am more than happy to share some Disney photos. I actually do have some that don't have my family in them!!  All you need to do is drop me a quick note and I will be happy to upload some for you to pick from. Deal??  Don't let the lack of a photo or two stop you from playing along with us!!

In the spirit of Christmas, I would love to give you all a freebie.   Click on the image and your download should start up right away. This is a png file saved at 300 dpi.  And yes, my file does have a shadow.

*rubs her hands together* So.. you probably all think we're going to play Hidden Elements again. We will. Just not this week.  I thought we would change this up a little.  Connie has so many lovely Christmas holiday kits. So I did a little "mash up".   I used six (6) different kits to create this week's layout.  Your mission..... identify at least four (4) of those kits.  So there is one clue. All of the kits are Christmas holiday kits.  Second clue: All six (6) of the kits I used are currently available in Connie's store at GingerScraps.   Everyone that plays along with me will receive a $1 coupon at Connie's store.  Send me the correct answers and you will be entered into a drawing in the randomizer and one lucky duck will receive a $10 coupon.  Before you ask, I do know how many pages there are in Connie's store at GingerScraps! I went through all 119 of them to find kits for this post.   And put a few more items on my Wish List there!  One being the Year In Review - Monthly Temps which I would love to share with you all today!

I can see this making a lovely keepsake for a year. Or, change it up just a bit and use it for a vacation! Maybe I vacation to Disney. :)  Anyhow... it's $4.89 at GingerScraps.  And it's on my wish list!!   When you email me those answers, I'd love to hear about any other kits you fell in love with.  Just maybe I will see if we can have a little extra drawing for someone's wish kit!  I daresay you'll find at least one looking for the answers.  So... here's the layout. 

Yes. It was rather chilly in Florida that year. So I used one of Connie's little scarf elements to spruce up my Mickey Hoodie.   You may wonder where all the people are!! It's called Magic Hours.  Stay at a Disney Resort and you can take advantage of the Magic Hours.  Some days, one park will open an hour early, some days, one park stays open an extra two hours later.  Magic Hours rotate through the four different parks.  Joe and I are here in Magic Kingdom, walking down Main Street during Magic Hours.  That's the tree at Town Square, just inside the entrance.  If you love Christmas, you'll love Disney at Christmas time.  So many trees and decorations.  The lights!  Even the fireworks and parades are all spruced up for the season.  Take a moment to check out The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights at Hollywood Studios. It is AWESOME!

Just to make things easier for you, you can click on the layout image and a full size 300 dpi image will come your way.  That will make it a little easier to see the different elements and papers.  So, to recap, you need to email me at coyotelady(at) at least four (4) of the (6) six kits that I used to create my layout.  One last clue: each is a kit. No add ons were used in the creation of my layout!

Good luck!!  And don't forget to include the name of a kit you fell in love with along your journey.  Please have your answers emailed no later than Friday, Dec. 13th at 8 PM EST.  
Until next week...  

Updated to correct missing link on the layout! Sorry about that. 


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Thanks for the beautiful cluster and the Christmas spirit.

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Thanks for the cluster! sent my answers.

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Thank you!~ Kat

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THANK YOU ;~} bunches..