Sunday, October 27, 2013

I'm "dopey" for not getting the coupons out last week.. so I scrapped Dopey!

I owe a huge apology to the four participants in my last layout challenge. I forgot to send their coupons out. I sent them earlier today when I realized what happened.  I'm not hard to reach at all. And if that ever happens again (oh I hope not!!), don't feel bad about sending me an email and a nudge.

That was a truly awesome job you all did finding those elements!  I thought I was being pretty sneaky hiding that spider!!  Here is the layout with the 8 elements identified:

1. Leaf (Haunting Halloween) placed on the column among decorative leaves 
2. Toe of Frog (Witches Brew) on top of spire
3. Witches Brook (Witches Brew) leaning on tree
4. Spider (Witches Brew)  This one is not part of the paper!!   
5. Eyes (Witches Brew) placed on top of Dory's eyes
6. Black Cat (Witches Brew)  hiding in the dark grass
7. Eyeball (Witches Brew) placed on the balloon
8. Witches Hat (Haunting Halloween) on top of the lady's head

Drum roll please!  The winner of the $3 coupon is: Brenda Powers - come on down.  (I always wanted to say that!  LOL)  Brenda - your coupon has been emailed! If you don't receive it, please let me know. :)

Halloween and DSD are closing in fast!  This will be a week full of parties, trick or treating followed by more fun and games!!  I don't know about you, but I'm excited! You'll want to keep an eye on Connie this week!  You just never know what our Ninja Designer is up to!!  (have you seen her Ninja avatar on Facebook?)

It's time for me to remember my roots and why I was asked to join Connie's CT. Connie was always amazed that I could take any kit and scrap Disney.  So this week, I have scrapped Dopey using kits that might surprise you.  

Dopey is one of the seven dwarfs. He is the youngest of the seven dwarfs, and never says a word. Despite not talking, legendary great Mel Blanc was the voice for Dopey's vocal effects.   Dopey is often the butt of the other dwarf's jokes, and his silly, playful actions often annoy the pompous Doc and the short-tempered Grumpy. Dopey is not dumb by any means. He merely acts like a toddler or dog.  Dopey is the most popular dwarf among audiences, but definitely not among the other dwarfs.  

We're going to change things up again this week.  I created this layout using five (5) different kits from Connie.   I would like for you to identify at least three (3) of those kits.  Email your answers to me at coyotelady(at)gmail(dot)com. All correct entries will be put through the randomizer and one lucky ducky will receive a $3 coupon to Connie's store. 

Some of you really liked the full size download, so I will make that available to you again should you desire it. Click here for the 3600x3600 jpg version.  Feel free to save the layout below for reference.  Good luck!!  

Hint:  The kits are fairly recent ones.  

Feel free to leave comments on what you would like to see for next week's post!! 

Until then.... 


Edited: to include that Brenda's coupon has been emailed!
Edited: to correct number of kits used for the layout. No change to the number you should identify!


Anonymous said...

The spider was tricky! :)


Melissa said...

Dang! I came in second!!

Laramie Coyote said...

Well.. I think you all came in first in my mind!! That spider was certainly tricky. I am so proud of all of you that found that one!!

Thanks for playing along. :) Hope you like this week's version.