Sunday, January 15, 2012

Now Hiring Hybrid Artists!

Good morning everyone & a Happy Sunday to you!  It is shaping up to be a beautiful day here!

We are opening up a call today for Hybrid Artists to join my Creative Team.  If you are talented in that area, please apply!  Feel free to share the call information with any friends that you think would fit the bill as well!

Not sure what a Hybrid Artist is?  A Hybrid Artists is someone who takes digital scrapbook items and creates a tangible craft with them!

The call ends January 31, 2012 at midnight EST.


Email your applications to:

Wishing you a very Happy Sunday & a great week ahead :)
Connie Prince


nancypinct said...

Connie - I'm not a hybrid artist, but I have a question. It isn't posted in your ad on opening page of the store, but will the templatapaloosa'ish sale at Gotta Pixel be on for the whole month of January or does it end soon?
Thanks, Nancy P

Tracy Anderson said...

Nancy, the January edition of Templatetopia will be available through the end of this month! :)