Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Meet Connies Creative Team-Yolanda

Today I introduce you to Yolanda (yhalos) Yolanda began with the team as a guest scrapper and came back and joined us permanently this past year. Yolanda is a treasure of a friend and scrapper. Our team is so blessed to have her with us and her layouts are fun and fresh! I am honored to be on a team with her but to also call her a friend. Here is a link to Yolanda's gallery and below you will find her answers to the 5 questions and some layouts to give you some inspiration. If you don't know Yolanda, you are missing out on a blessing.
1. If not now, when?

Whenever the good Lord sees fit for it to be. One doesn't ever know exactly the when and the why.

2. My greatest accomplishment is.....

I believe that to be raising my children to be God loving and compassionate human beings.

3. I scrap because.....

I truly believe that we need to leave a little bit of ourselves behind for others to know who we were and how we
saw the world. This is especially for future generations of our family. Knowing where we come from and what
our essence was all about is very important to me.

4. I can't live without.....

My faith in God...he is my strength that keeps me going from day to day.

5. 5 years from now.....

I will hopefully still be here loving my family and sharing my life with the wonderful friends I've made right
here with all of you.

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