Sunday, November 1, 2009

Meet Connie's Creative Team-Linda

This month we are going to introduce you to the faces behind the layouts in the galleries for Connie's team. First off is introducing myself which I am not really good at, so bear with me. I am Linda (ccmentor), I have been on Connie's team a little over 3 years and am the creative team leader for this wonderfully talented bunch of ladies. I have to say that I love everyone of them and what they bring to the team and the friendships we have built together on the team. And then of course we all get to work with Connie's amazing designs which is an awesome perk to being on this team! She is an amazing lady and her designs RAWK!!!

Answers to 5 Random Questions
1. If not now, when?

Loaded question huh? Usually if not now, then it is put on a rotating list and gotten to sometime before the turn of century.

2. My greatest accomplishment is.....

Not sure, still have a lot of life to live and accomplish..but to date it would have to be being able to do 10 things at once and finish at least 4 of them on time.

3. I scrap because.....

I failed home ec so cooking was out, sewwing was even worse, and I made too many messes with glue!! Oh and to leave a legacy for my family!

4. I can't live without.....

God...He is the reason I continue on everyday!
My coffee...It fuels me to do everything else in life.

5. 5 years from now.....
I will be 5 years older and hopefully wiser but the jury is still out on that one.

Below are two of my favorite layouts that I have made using Connie's kit and templates.
Tomorrow we will be introducing another wonderful team member on this talented team.


Madae said...

Great layouts Linda! You rock!

Connie said...

YAY Linda, I loved your intro :) I'm being a dork & commenting on my own blog, but I wanted you to know lol!

Lynncal said...

Wonderful Linda, you look awesome!!!