Saturday, September 8, 2007

Handbag Crazy...again!

I went to the Paulding Meadows Arts N' Crafts show with my friends Tess & Peggy today. It was so much fun but I did it again..I went totally handbag crazy. What is wrong w/ me? lol I guess some people have a thing for shoes, my obsession is bags. I love them and NO way will I ever have enough. Today I bought 4 new handmade bags, two holiday & two just everyday.

Aren't they just beyond cute? I love froo froo WAY too much :)

What is your "obsession" when it comes to things that you just can't get enough of (something other than digiscrap supplies that is lol)? Inquiring minds want to know lol!

Hope you are having an awesome Saturday!


Jen Ulasiewicz said...

Oh those ARE cute! I especially love the green one, green is my favorite color. :)

Hmmmm other than digiscrap stuff? That is hard! I guess it would have to be clothes and toys for my babies. I'm always shopping ebay and other places for custom made boutique clothes for my babies and fun new learning toys for them. :)

Sarah said...

Adorable Bags!

I can't really think of anything I buy in excess.....I guess I better start shopping :)

Have A Great Weekend!

Natalie Malan said...

I think we need to start a purse obsession support group. Good to see someone else has it too! For me it's bags, and paper - all the way.

Colleen said...

How cute I like the green and black one!

Jenny said...

Adorable! You're making me want a new purse now. LOL

Jenny said...
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Laura said...

Those are too cute!

WoW, I cant think right now of things that I buy in excess... Better start ;)

Sara E said...

very cute bags.....I love that green one the best

oh gosh...I'm a bargain bunny....but a quality bargain bunny shopper...I love a great deal at a thrift store for fabulous brands

AAAAAAAAAND>...I love that song on youf blog!

Beth Kern said...

Oh I just love those bags!!!
I would have to say my obsession is anything that has to do with crafting, paper, stamps, tools, I just have so much, but I keep buying more...of course my kids love it, cause they are always able to find stuff for school projects.

Tracy said...

Connie, I am SOOOOOO jealous! We used to go to Paulding Meadows every year (after first making a stop at Yellow Daisy - have you been to that one?). After I had L.J. I decided that wasn't a baby trip. Hopefully next year I can get a sitter and make it back up there. I love Paulding Meadows. Did you eat some Fried Dill Pickles for me?

Tracy said...

other than scrapbooking... definitely clothes. I go crazy shopping... if only i had more money to buy with =P Those bags ARE cute!

Tracy said...

heyyyyyy another tracy